Contest: Win a Samsung Galaxy SII


  • David N

    Merry Christmas to me!

  • MauiLove

    Yeah!!! Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this bad boy. Thanks Mobile Syrup! 🙂

  • Stephane

    Great phone !!

  • crunch204


  • Matt R

    WOOO GL Y’all

  • the wise one

    the wise one requires this device.

  • Jennifer

    THIS IS DEFINITELY A MUST-WANT PHONE. I would love to win this phone! Mobile Syrup always has the greatest contests! 😀

  • Rosemary Breschuk-Chiu

    all I want for Xmas

  • Marcus

    OK, I’ve been hoping to win on of the contests for forever now! And would love a SGS2 to replace my Desire!

  • Ehsan

    Good Luck Everybody

  • Nadim

    I could use a new phone! really liking the galaxy 2. Good luck to all 🙂

  • David Evans

    Count me in!

  • Karano Matthews

    Wow . Me Likey !!

  • Raymond Carpentier

    This is great !

  • Sean

    Luck to everyone hopefully someone who can use it will win =)

  • Joanne

    It would be great to win this for Christmas!!

  • AllanVS

    please help a poor college student out!!!

  • Peter

    Every person I hear say I’m thinking about getting an iPHONE…I tell them to get this phone instead…most people tend to go for it after

  • Trevor Mack

    I never win anything…. and I just had my phone stolen… which sucks =/

  • Rory

    This is the ultimate phone right now. I love it, and would love to root it and learn how bad this hardware really is.

  • monsterduc1000

    Yes please!

  • brandon

    yes please mobilesyrup!

  • Mike D

    Please!! my captivate just went poo.

  • Sharon

    I’m in, thanks!

  • maria

    Awesome giveaway!

  • Surya R

    another awesome prize i will never win……….merry christmas!

  • Bob

    Yay you can announce that I won on my birthday. Thanks mobilesyrup.

  • ryan radtke

    me please

  • jay de dios

    I want that!

  • Jimbo

    Over here, over here!!!!

  • Ben


  • imjohnh

    I’m torn between this and the Galaxy Nexus. If the SGS2 had a NFC, it would the winner hands down.

  • tim

    give it to me, jeje

  • cindy g


  • Alexander S

    hope to win

  • delumen

    I love phones and galaxies!

  • Steven Schwartz

    This would make my festivus airing of the grievances so much easier.

  • Jack

    Reverse psychology :


  • mark

    I would also love to win this conteSt. What a. Sweet prize!

  • Shervin


  • Al


  • jay

    My turn to win? Hoping so!

  • Sonu Babu


  • Albert Mallette

    woot good luck to everyone

  • Beso

    Merry Christmas Beso! here is your SG2! lol xD

  • bob

    WOOT : ) early christmas present!

  • ZeFoutch

    *cross finger* i hope i win this one =)

  • Leifalicious

    Would very much enjoy to make use of one of those!

  • hurric

    great job with the contests!

  • C

    YAY! Go mobilesyrup!!

  • Steph


  • 69iner

    I want it!!!!!! Cant stand my damn Omnia anymore!

  • andy

    Merry Christmas really happen this year for me? 🙂

  • jessicaJ

    Hoping to nab one of these amazing phones; current phone is on it’s last breath! MOBILE SYRUP IS THE #1 CANADIAN TECHNO SITE! 😀

  • Jamie

    This would be a great holiday treat!

  • Michael Niduaza

    The ever ending amount of contests ! Pick meee 😀

  • David Harding

    Would love to win this. Thank you mobile Syrup.

  • Kyouya

    I’m not sure I would like to own a Galaxy S2 after reading that story about how a guy had his Galaxy S2 almost exploded in his pants.

    I think I’ll stick with my chances on trying to win a Galaxy Tab 10.1 since I know that won’t fit in my pants.

  • Spot The Loon

    It would make a great Christmas gift for my girlfriend. 🙂

  • Boris V

    May give android a second chance

  • mark

    I guess it’s open for the whole Canada exept if you live in Quebec? 🙁

  • Matt

    Well, hope someone that needs/wants gets it!

  • Pat Clark

    I would love to win one. Thanks for a great contest.

  • Mike E

    Amazing prizes from MS, too bad I never win anything.

  • yukon voice

    nice item for a contest before the holidays.

  • Anil

    about time for me to win a phone giveaway!

  • CY

    Me like!

  • Itachi

    God I so wanna win that phone ;D

  • merc782

    gr8 phone for sure ! 3 cheers to mobilesyrup !

  • Larabee

    I just had my phone stolen from my bag friday… would be nice to win one 😛

  • shawn

    I love mobilesyrup! Yeah- 🙂

  • V L

    the contests get better and better

  • Dee N

    Great Contest… Thank you…

  • dhruv padia

    guys !!
    cross finger that i win this contest
    and merry christmas to all members of this contest……

  • dhruv padia

    guys i hope that i win this contest cross finger
    and merry christmas to all

  • iANiMeX

    Hope to win. Thanks.

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  • chris hong

    ME-ME-ME-MErry Christmas!

  • Sam

    This looks so sick!

  • William

    It’s just for Canada resident or it’s International?

  • Stacey Dempsey

    so great ! i like you on faceboook (forever now) and tweeted @roswello , longggg time there too lol

  • moops

    if i don’t win it, i’ll buy it in january anyways
    … so might as well let me win

  • Kimberlee

    I’d love to ditch this iPhone
    mobilesyrup your the best 🙂

  • shaggyskunk

    On the 19th day of Christmas MS gave to me; One Rogers ringing, Two Bells a buzzing, Three Fidos barking, Four Winds a Blowing , Five Publics Licking, Six Koodos doing AND a Telus on a Tower Treeee

  • imran masalikar

    pick me pls.dnt have any smart phone,ths mobile is awesome.

  • amy

    Great giveaway!!!!!!!

  • MrDouf

    Come to papa!

  • Alex Mediati

    Me likey!

  • AP27

    Good luck everyone!

  • RajeeMan

    Triple LIKE!

  • Andrew

    I could use a second.

  • synwars

    Thanks MobileSyrup for the chance!

  • SaHiL

    Nice! More phones.

  • aviking

    Ok so if I say that I cant get a Samsung Galaxy S II or a Samsung Galaxy Nexus because I live in freakin’ Manitoba where NEITHER is available do I have an edge….no!yeah I didn’t think so.

  • kenn

    YES! good luck everyone

  • farhan

    PLease I want one. I promise I will donate my 4S to charity If i win this

  • Angela

    Is it worldwide contest? Thanks.

  • Daniel Lui

    I’d want to win a device like this. Hopefully I win and good luck to all who enter the contest.

  • jimmy_t

    i been trying to save up to buy the phone contract free.. a free one would definitely be better!

  • Jared

    My wife just picked up this phone, it’s a sweet device!

  • BR_Impulse

    Would love to win this. 4 months after giving up my work blackberry from coop and I don’t have a phone still because the market confuses me. Winning this guy would put an end to my waiting and continuous searching for my next phone.

  • Andre Lavoie

    beautifull contest

  • Nick

    I will get a mobilesyrup tattoo somewhere on my body if you scrap the draw and just give ie to MEEEEEE 😀

  • BM

    I havent had a Sammy in a while. time to go back…

  • kimminer

    Great ph. Thanks

  • hassan

    I have been try to win some kind of New phone from mobilesyrup

  • Beanie Wong

    Anything for an S2 plz

  • Tibor Szekszardi

    Great !

  • Francis


  • harriet

    I desperately need a new phone. Please make it merry christmas to me

  • Jean ch

    nice thank you i would like to win this

  • JB


  • monkeyincowtown

    I’m dreaming of a Samsung Christmas :)GL everyone

  • Richard

    I need a back up for my GSII. I will give it to my wife and get her off her I junk 4s.

  • Fenrir767

    I need to replace my broken sensation!

  • Ryan

    What a great present this would be!

  • kimminer


  • HO


  • L

    the phone i have right now is Motorola W375….. i need a super smart phone badly….

  • Debbie Marchand

    Wonderful Prize !

  • kimminer

    Terrific thanks

  • kimminer

    Terrific thank you

  • Akshar Dave

    wooww!!!me plz..

  • kimminer


  • Lori Bazan

    Graet phone…go rock!

  • w

    yay for more contests!

  • kimminer


  • Fenrir

    Me i need one!!”

  • kimminer


  • kimminer

    super ph.

  • kimminer

    super ph. Thanks

  • Sean

    Hope to win this awesome phone…

  • Khoi

    PICK MEEEEEEE plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz <3

  • Boris V

    Me Wants. Slappy pappy wank wank

  • Pierre-Marc

    want it!!

  • hinc

    such a beautiful and sexy phone… i would love one and wife will be super happy

  • Bryan

    Another great contest by MS!!!


  • temasek

    Hope to win this…

  • temasek

    Hope to win this..

    • Rosie

      Hope to win this for the coming Christmas…

  • Jyjaan

    This baby is awesome……… .. thanks for the giveaways.. u guys rock

  • tpetrilli

    Mmmmmm nom nom nom ……. yummy

  • Stacey Dempsey

    tweeted @roswello and i really “like” you stacey dempsey

  • kimminer

    Super contest

  • andrea

    Yay! Pick me!! (thanks for the great contests!)

  • M

    Please help me replace my Nokia 5800… I can’t afford to upgrade myself!

  • Sandra P

    I like it!

  • GMAN72

    Please!!!!!!!!! I desperatly want to get rrid of my Blackberry Torch 9800. I feel so left behind!!!

  • kimminer


  • Muiz

    I wish to win :/

  • Cindy P

    Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas,,with a new phone now,,,,,,

  • Cindy P

    Have yourself a merry little christmas and enjoy a new phone,,,,that would be so sweet

  • harriet

    Nice prize and I desperately need a new phone. Please

  • Nishant Bhatt

    Will be a great Christmas present for my dad. Thank you mobilesyrup.

  • Michelle Bradley

    This would be a great improvement over my clamshell

  • Dorothy

    Boy, I really don’t know what is out there. Must be my age (lol) but MobileSyrup, you are keeping me informed by having this great contest! Happy Holidays, MobilSyrup!

  • Konjoh

    Love the giveaways!

  • Joyce Mcgregor

    I am sure my son would love to own this

  • Rob

    Such a sexy device!

  • jyjaan

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE……… Need SOME miracle this christmas..

  • Terry Perron

    This would be a awesome win. Thanks for the great contest

  • Karla Hynes

    Would love to win this!

  • Emad.Y

    Aww man this is EPIC!!!! xD

  • mmff

    it would make my day to win this prize!

  • Liz H

    Who wouldn’t want a Samsung Galaxy Phone. Thanks. I could really use one.

  • kimminer

    Very wonderful

  • ken

    Go Team. I want one of these. You guys rock. I wanted one of these for a while.

  • Alexa Nernberg

    What a great gift this phone would make. Thanks for the opportunity to participate. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays.

  • Nicole

    Very nice phone – would make a nice gift for me!

  • Lillian Brown

    Want to win for my daughter

  • Deb Dorrington

    I love my family but if I win I’m keeping it for myself..terrific prize..thank you Mobilesyrup!!

  • Lyndsey

    Thanks,… awesome contest!

  • iman

    🙂 samsung galaxy s2 er den bedste telefon i verden..tror jeg, det er der nogen der siger og det tror jeg også på……………WWWWWWWOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW WWWWWWIIIIIIIIIWWWWWWW

    zez?? igen dem jeg nu skriver med biiiiip

  • kimminer


  • Brownguy

    is this phone being given away without it being attached to a carrier? and if so is it unlocked?

  • Padam Thakur

    Samsung Galaxy S-II is the king of Android. It would be great phone to use

  • Sherry

    Beautiful. Thanks for the awesome contests!!

  • kimminer


  • Lori Sexton

    What a great prize!

  • Marlene V

    I am a forum member — thanks for the chance to win.

  • Rez

    Merry Xmas to Mobile Syrup and the Android Community!!

  • Richard H

    I would like to win one of these. I am on Facebook.

  • Carol Bridi

    Great contest, I love it.

  • kimminer

    Wonderful contest

  • V L


  • Johnny Frederiksen

    Merry Christmas to all. Thanks MobileSyrup. The site rocks.

  • Cutieeboo

    yes please mobilesyrup you guys rock hard i hope i win this i would be really happy if i did 🙂

  • Cutieeboo

    your giveaways are amazing and i love following u on twitter and facebook keep it up and i hope i win 🙂

  • mansoor

    samsung mobile is best in the samsung galaxy is best in the is best by nokia and others. i use my mobile for chat,call,and many more.

  • Hassan

    I can won

  • hemen bordoloi

    nice phone

  • Muhammad Waqas

    Wish yo best of luck

  • Joseph Ling

    Nice Xmas present!!!

  • i want to win badly

    i like samsugbutsamsug s2 is kick a*s