Skype for Android updated: your device now likely supports video calling



    ……. finally !!! now I can move to Wind.

  • Tom

    Skype generally works well on my Android, but it is very obnoxious: it makes it difficult to exit the program in an attempt to force you to leave it running, and that seems to consume a lot of battery.

    I wish Google Talk would let me call landlines from my phone as it does from my browser.

    • bob

      It’s possible to use the free goole north america calling feature on an android phone but it requires some setup

    • bob

      also there are many better&cheaper alternatives to skype for phone calls

  • Picks

    I just tried it on my LG 2X (P999)and i saw no settings for video calls nor did i see a video call button on any of my contacts I will be awaiting for Skype 2.2 for android i guess

  • Alex Perrier


  • Mary

    Oh the Joy’s of Androids

  • JV

    didn’t work on My Samsung Galaxy s 2 either. wasn’t in my skype settings… looks like this is a USA only feature. LAME

    • Ivan

      I see it on my settings page on my Bell Galaxy S2, are you sure you updated your skype to the newest version?

  • Michael R

    works here on my nexus s!! im in canada
    I had to enable it in the setting section

  • Vasyl

    Works on my Sensation. Unabled in the setting section.

  • Jerry

    I had problems with it on my Galaxy S2. I couldn’t make a phone call from my contacts. Every time I would try and call one of my contacts it would bring up the Skype page. I installed it on Sunday and deleted it yesterday. Hopefully the update fixes everything.

  • asdfklas


  • Z

    Does Skype still need all those ridiculous permissions like SD card access?

  • Dizzle

    Gotta love that oz accent…

    but seriously..what’s with her teeth? Too much ice cream and not brushing i guess

  • GMan

    I just tried it on my HTC Incredible S. Video calling works!

  • grimconch

    Works fine on my Incredible S, Galaxy S works fine with rear camera.

  • Lucas

    No Droid 3/XT860 yet 🙁 hopefully in 2.2

  • Heythere

    It works fine on my Captivate
    It’s just kind of weird using the back camera

  • GlobalDrew

    I have a galaxy q. Its a cell not a tablet. Running froyo 2.2.2 and cannot activate video calling