Virgin Mobile no-term price drops: Galaxy S Vibrant now $349.99, Pearl 9100 only $99.99


  • Charles in Vancouver

    Wow! Screw the entry-level phones at that price!

  • Alex Perrier

    Who has a verdict on the 9100? is it any better than the 8xxx?

  • Alex Perrier

    Samsung Galaxy 550 is $90 on prepaid. Check the Alcatel Tribe and LG Optimus One (or copycat Phoenix) first, though. Check out different carriers’ plans, too.

  • Sam

    I have a 9100 and for a blackberry its actually not to bad. If you like something small and compact but with blackberry features its a pretty good way to go. I’m not happy seeing this go for a hundred bucks now tho. I was going to try and sell mine 🙁

  • Rob

    $100 for a 9100, great price.

  • Brad

    wow, I am seriously considering getting the 9100 as a secondary phone

  • Johnmack

    Just ordered my bb 9100 to go with my iPhone 4.

  • Justin

    Will the vibrant work on Bell without unlocking? Thats a good deal!

  • chris

    That’d what im wondering Justin. I’m looking to purchase this phone to use on solo. You would think it would work since they are all the same company

  • Charles in Vancouver

    The Bell Vibrant has a hidden internal unlock code (see XDA) for free. So if it doesn’t work on Solo without unlock, no cost to you.

  • Jim R

    You won’t be able to buy the Vibrant at the no-contract price without having a Virgin phone plan, right?

  • Val

    you know I went to about 7 different locations today just to grab the pearl… It was either sold out, or not even sold in the store… Now i cant even order it online. I was dying for the pearl when I saw it for 150 and now i dont even know what to do besides wait -_-

  • Juice

    @ Justin,Chris, Jim R.
    Yes, you need to have a plan to purchase the Vibrant. But what you could do is get it on a month to month contract and cancel it. You’ll just have to pay your first bill so choose the lowest plan for it, should be the $40 Andriod plan, and Yes any HSPA phones on Virgin Mobile and on Bell, work with each other ex. Samsung Galaxy S/Vibrant will work with Bell (No need for unlocking).

    BB 9100 can be purchased out right for $99 without contract.