Rumour: TELUS will release the BlackBerry 9860, 9810, 9900 in August, “Bellagio” in September


  • Reg

    It’s about time RIM. The 9900 has been on my radar forever! My 9700 is heading to a good retirement home very soon.

  • Dhurr

    This would have wowed me 1 year ago

  • barry

    is this a reputable tipster?

  • Chris

    This would explain why the 9700 is $198 at walmart and the pearl is $150 at virgin mobile.

    Still, RIM itself said these models would be delayed, so how can it be available in August? I hope this is a reliable rumor because even the older models have strong demand.

  • KidCanada

    I hope Rogers gives us Torch 1 owners a free replacement to the Torch 2. Annoyed by its slowness but its still a great device.

    • Kemist

      The tourch 1 is the worst Blackberry i have ever put my hand on slow and crashes constantly giving red flashing led and some times doesnt boot for days.

      speaking from experience terrible device in my opinion it has me now using a nokia 5130 worst investment.

    • Brian

      Crashing, slowness and flashing LED is common for all Berries, not just the torch. Consider a platform change to iOS or Android, you’ll never look back regardless of which you choose.

    • sookster54

      @Kemist, you obviously have never used a Storm 1 have you? That’s about 200x worse than the Torch, I’ve used a Torch and it’s pretty good.

      @Brian, not true, I know several Android users (including me) that went back to BB.

    • Kemist

      @ sookster54 i never used the storm. was never a fan of a click screen defined as touch screen, so i wouldnt know if that was a device far worst than the tourch. But like i said again through my experience and probably many other torch users it was the worst black berry device encounter i had.

  • an

    let’s hope they have the bands to go with videotron!


  • TheTigerTek

    I’m looking forward to the 9900 and the Torch Slate phone.

  • Brian

    More sub-par BlackBerry devices. Poor media playbook, browsers that would have been considered fast two years ago, DOS-esque User Interference and stubborn CEOs who think that a quality user interface involves a bunch of text.

  • Kemist

    @ brian

    I’ve gone trough the pearl, curve 8310, bold 9700, 9780 and recently the tourch. You say thats commond for all black berries, but i have never experienced nothing close to the problems the tourch gave me. Touch pad works when it likes, key pad works when it wants, some times neither work. This phone started giving problems 3 weeks into having it. I had it exchanged just to recieve the same problems Plus more. As i said b4 WORST INVESTMEN and WORST BLACKBERRY INVENTED. if RIM releases another faulty device they can say good bye to this customer and Android can say HELLO! RIM needs to step there game up and have there product live up to the standards they promote not other wise.

    • Brian

      I’ve had a Pearl 8130, Curve 8330, Bold 9000 and Bold 9700. All four of them had problems, and I refuse to give RIM another chance. Their motto is business as usual.

  • Kemist

    RIM needs to Step UP Their quality and produce a todate phone ie
    1.2Ghz dule core front 5mp n back 8mp camera light n efficient.

    • RealDeal

      Unless you are a teenage girl who does nothing but take pictures of yourself, why would you need a 5mp front facing camera?

  • rg

    an iphone 4 contender 1 year too late
    blackberry fanboys thumbs down

  • DigitalMann

    Bring on 9900! I hope Wind has the same release schedule as Telus. My PlayBook will like having a new friend! 🙂

  • Cody

    the touch one looks so much like the os in a LG dumb phone…

  • Mike

    “But it doesn’t have have duel core” Don’t get cought up on specs. Duel core don’t mean s&*t if the software can’t utilize it efficiently, at least not yet. Been using Android for over a year now and I’m getting sick of charging my phone once or twice a day.

  • A

    @Kemist why would you need dual core 1.2GHz on a BlackBerry? I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but they’re NOT gaming devices..
    If you know that, then you contradicted yourself. If you didn’t know that, then.. I’m not sure what to say.

    On a lighter note, I’m not sure which one to get, I’m torn; Torch 9810 or Bold 9900? 🙁
    Also, does the 9930 have the same launch date as 9900?

  • Downhill Dude

    New BB’s? snore***

  • MadMac

    i own the Storm2… ans as my 1st smart phone, I can’t complain. looking for more in the next BB venture though. hoping OS7 is better. Even more than that hoping the new QNX phones are “the sh*t”! Go BB!