Koodo Mobile to release the BlackBerry Curve 9300 at $300


  • chall2k5

    wow….not even a bad price….Telus have stepped up their game with Koodo….same price point as Mobi….can you say Quashed?


    The problem with koodo is their $150 tab, because no matter the price point of their device, that’s the biggest subsidy that they can offer, and honestly, who is willing to pay $150 for such an outdated device??

    • Luqman

      I would at that price, I believe there are more expensive BBs at other carriers which do require you to sign a contract to get their good plan but at Koodo you can get the tab if you want and pay it off anytime without interest. And plus koodo do have decent plans. I think that’s better than signing a contract. But ofcourse Telus don’t care which you go to because they are getting your cash either way.

  • Casey

    Nexus One? Pretty sure you mean the Nexus S?

  • JSmith

    so 30 months later the device is paid off in full with the tab..booo-urns!

    • JSmith

      awww..did 5 Telus/Koodo reps gets upset by the truth..ask Whitwell to get u a tissue for a bonus this year.

  • Nick

    The Tab is perfectly fair… I see why you guys criticize it, but the truth isthat Koodo’s plans and phone prices are pretty fair. I checked the numbers a while ago, and for the plan I’m on it’s cheaper to buy an unlocked $500 phone and use it with Koodo than it is to get a $300 subsidy, pay $200, and get the same plan on a 3 year deal with Robelus.

    • mdazz

      I don’t recall a $200 phone on a three year plan from Robelus (except iPhone but koodo doesn’t have it).

      Unless you have an unlocked smartphone with Koodo and only have talk (and no data), then your plan will be cheaper.

      And why get an unlocked phone for Koodo? Get a T-mobile phone from the US (or Nexus S from Canada) and use with Wind or Mobi, their $25 plan is way better than any plan of Koodo.

    • Nick

      1) Robelus screws you with higher monthly rates. I did the math. Pick any plan with 1GB of data or less on Robelus, and Koodo can beat it. That was my point. The extra money you spend buying an unlocked phone is more than paid for by the lower rates.

      2) Wind and Mobi aren’t available everywhere and you know it. They will be a viable alternative to the Big 3 and their discount brands when they cover more than just a few cities. I live in Montreal. The greater Montreal area has 3+million people and Wind/Mobi are nowhere to be found.

      3) The point of getting an unlocked phone would be if you want a phone Koodo doesn’t have. I mentioned that I crunched the numbers to show that even if you want a high-end phone, you’re better off buying it to go with Koodo than signing a 3-year deal for it.

  • Halo

    Fido should learn a few things from them

  • Nick

    No kidding… The Curve 8520 is still listed at $400 no-contract. With Koodo it’s $150 AND if you’re a new customer you get a $100 pre-loaded Visa card.

    Artificially high unsubsidezed prices exist to make 3 year deals seem less abusive than they are. Then you lose/break your phone (since most phones don’t last 3 years) and get trapped into buying ridiculously priced replacements. I’ll take Koodo’s discount model over Fido’s any day.

  • aka


    If you actually researched the price for an unlocked phone vs a locked phone, you would discover you pay much more for unlocked ones. Unlocked phones are generally not cheaper than carrier no term pricing because they are “unlocked”. It’s probably cheaper to buy the carrier locked handsets and pay to unlocked it, than to buy a factory unlocked handset. Carriers make money when you sign up for service, not off the phones they sell you. They probably take a bit of a loss (aka loss leader), but know they can make it up with activations, since most people won’t pay to unlocked them.

    If you lose or break your 3-year leased car, do you go back to the car dealer and demand a new one? People should take responsibility for their actions, and honor their agreements. Sadly that is not always the case based on comments I’ve been reading..

    • Nick

      You misunderstood me, either deliberately because you were so eager to call me irresponsible or because you failed to understand my point.

      First off, the unsubsidized price for a locked phone is NOT significantly lower than the unlocked price. Check out puremobile for prices if you don’t believe me (I don’t even know if they’re the cheapest, but they’re cheap enough to prove my point), and compare them to the no-contract prices from the big 3. The whole point of no-contract is that the carriers STILL make money off the phone if you buy 12 of them and never use them, so of course there’s markup.

      Secondly, you completely misunderstood my point about being forced to pay a high price for your phone if you lose/break your old one. Check out Fido’s current “deal” on the Blackberry Curve 8520, which I used in my initial example. $30 on a 3-year deal, or no-contract for $400. The number $400 has nothing to do with the price they buy them at; it’s artificially inflated so that they can brag about giving you a $370 subsidy (and so they can charge higher early termination fees). They win at every level: the customer locks into a contract thinking they’re getting a better deal than they are, and if they need a new phone while under contract, their only choice is to buy phones from Fido with an artificially higher price (most consumers don’t know the first thing about getting unlocked phones). This has nothing to do with me wanting a 2nd subsidy while under contract. Fido has no business charging $400 for essentially the same phone (Fido’s is GSM, Koodo’s is CDMA) Koodo is practically paying you to take off their hands ($0 on tab or $150 outright and they mail you a $100 gift card).

      Your car analogy is completely irrelevant, because they don’t give you a cheap deal on a car in exchange for locking you in for a service. Maybe it’s analogous to selling you a Toyota Corolla for $5000 with a contract that you can only fill it with their own type of $10/L gas, and then if you have a car accident trying to charge you $40 000 to replace it when the dealership down the street is selling them for $20 000.

    • Amar

      Actually Nick, all of Koodo’s new phones are HSPA, meaning 3G SIM, so you’re actually getting the phone for $300, with better hardware, better camera, better bands and a newer OS version. Let’s not forget if you sign up and use the tab you get 150 off, which is easily payable, then you get another $100 in a prepaid credit card. Meaning you got the phone for $50 with a tab. That DESTROYS Fido, granted this will never be as good as WINDs or Mobis prices and plans but outside their areas, this is a good phone and a better plan than Robellus to get in on.

    • Nick

      Yeah I know, I’m arguing using the 8530 anyway because it’s a phone of equal age to Fido’s. I assume Fido’s gonna come out with the Curve 3G too and I didn’t want him to be able to dismiss my argument as Koodo’s 2011 phone vs Fido’s 2010 phone.

      I agree with your point entirely though :P. Koodo > Fido

  • Jeremy

    That would be the Google Nexus S, not the Nexus One.

  • James

    For everyone that is whining about the tab, consider the price of the early cancellation fee. I think Rogers is charging around $20/month with a max of $400. A 400 dollar ECF is MUCH higher than the cost of buying out your Koodo tab if you want to leave early (and they won’t hassel you about a data ECF which could bring the price to $500 to break your contract).

    Wind/Mobi are great but most Canadians can’t take advantage of their pricing because we don’t live in their service areas or we travel too often. Most urban dwellers don’t need to worry about data coverage since you’re almost always in a free WiFi zone…But those of us who use our phones for GPS navigation are left in the dark with Mobi/Wind’s plans because they don’t offer coverage on major highways.


    They are 1 year too late.