Image: TTC bus drivers caught texting while driving

Ontario banned the use of a hand-held device while driving back in October of 2009. Yesterday, another major blunder by a couple TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) bus drivers were revealed. On two separate occasions passengers snapped a couple pics of the drivers texting/emailing while the bus was in motion. Alexia Schell was one of the passengers who snapped the pic said “For a good 10 minutes for that bus ride, he was texting. He would pull it out of his pocket, text a bit, put it back in his pocket, pull it out again and text. It was like he was having a conversation.”

TTC spokesman Brad Ross quickly responded and stated that “We will take swift action here. It’s a public-safety breach. What we don’t want to see happen is people getting onboard vehicles with their cameras rolling, taking pictures, it doesn’t help in our efforts to improve customer service. We’re doing a lot of hard work on customer service, this incident of course is not helpful and we recognize that and are taking action to deal with it.”

The TTC bus drivers face possible penalties and their jobs are in jeopardy.

Source: Toronto Sun & Globe