RIM backs BlackBerry PlayBook battery life… still being optimized


  • frostyisgod

    well thats good lets just hope there right

  • Colin

    Rim’s sign looks a little dirty, you would think that they would wash it more often. (BTW I know the photo is from a summer day, but I went by there the other day, and it’s still dirty.)

    • teee


    • A. Carmine

      Damn…. that sign is pretty damn dirty. Looks like they don’t give a rats arse. Maybe they should take a look at how Apple, Google and Facebook upkeep their signs… not that hard to do…

  • Jack

    Looks like RIM is pulling a Nokia.

  • terr

    Makes me wonder why they would put a smaller battery into the torch rhan what’s in the blackberry 9700 and 9780. The blackberry bold has a bigger battery than the torch yet the torch has a bigger screen display, has full touch screen plus the key board. What were they thinking. No wonder they are having issues with batteries. Common semse just isn’t in the factor.

  • Regulator

    @Terr, I disagree,

    I bet they thought that out well…Something like this…”Hmm, meh who needs to manufacture a new form of battery, let’s just use some of dem old ones in the warehouse, we’ll save a bundle”…. LOL

  • Jake

    Wow, funny how rumours of poor battery life get started, and everybody treats it like gospel.
    There’s a lot of Google/Apple fanboys out there praying for RIM to fail.

    Nice to see RIM set the record straight.

  • A. Carmine

    I didn’t believe this Wu guy from the start. I’m not a RIM/BB fan at all but it just goes to show how one i***t’s ramblings can spread like wildfire.