Android-powered Samsung Galaxy 5 coming free to Virgin Mobile November 12th


  • JFrosty

    I think that pretty much seals the deal on no Vibrant with Virgin in the short-term, at least. Too bad.

  • Paul

    “(will be upgradable to 2.2 Froyo)”

    Ha…! Oh my…that’s a good one! You’re killing me!

    You did say this is a Samsung product didn’t you?

  • pr0cs

    bleh, Galaxy S would have been a lot more attractive.

  • jnrbshp

    if this cost 250 then id rather get the galaxy 3 from telus

  • Falzo

    Add the Galaxy S in their lineup and I’m running to their store.

  • chase_dagger

    This sucks 2 at once. You failed Virgin, and you just lost a potential customer. I had nothing but b-o-n-e-r-s, for the release of the Galaxy S, now I doubt they’ll get it this fall…or ever. Way to not be able to sell me an android phone this fall you loosers, you have been sold out of HTC for like what 2 months in most areas??? I’m done here, thanks for nothing.

  • Justin Credible

    Seems like they’re pulling a FIDO with this one. Keeping some of the high end goodies for their parent brand only.

    Stupid marketing reasons, nothing more.


    where do enter the message center number?