MTS says the BlackBerry Bold 9650 is “Coming Soon”


  • Sid

    I think people in Manitoba are looking around at all the other devices Telus and Bell are getting and the rates Wind and Mobilicity are offering and thinking “what the f…?”

  • John

    Who cares, the real question is whens the Iphone going to be available thru MTS? MTS Allstream need to pull there heads out of there u know what and offer their customers what they want.

  • Jake

    The 9650 will be able to handle the new OS6, so I think this is great news for Blackberry fans on MTS.

  • kdawg

    Definitely agree Sid!
    Used to be an mts customer. Great signal in MB, however once the rogers/mts thing happens here by october not really sure how they’re gonna stay in business if they keep this up. Still getting devices in that run on cdma/evdo is unbelieveable. Even rogers is too slow getting new devices but at least they’re running the right network. Wish I could have a bell vibrant! Guess I’ll have to wait for the captivate. Anyways, good luck with the remake of the outdated htc hero mts.

  • Rene

    I hope the HSPA network launch with MTS Allstream will have a large selection of devices, otherwise I’ll have to hop from Telus to Rogers, since the Telus/Bell coverage for HSPA is horrible. Whoever gets a Samsung Galaxy S phone first will win my loyalty. Also I hope they keep the Unlimited Data Plan that they currently have for the CDMA phones

  • kdawg

    Guaranteed Rogers will have the galaxy s well before mts. That’s giving mts cred they probably don’t even deserve….. They usually don’t get anything for at least a year when it’s already way outdated if they even get things at all.