TELUS launches the Nokia E72 at $349.99


  • jim

    the irony of smartphones is they’re used by really dumb people. thats the rule. phones like this one are perhaps the exception. anyone engaged in genuine daily business will always prefer a b.berry or nokia over touchscreen gadgets. lets face it, those devices are only bought so that others know u can afford one.

  • Jordan

    Can someone tell me how difficult it would be to debrand a Telus phone and use it on the Rogers network? I really want an E72.

  • xaueious

    More ‘smartphones’ for the dumb.

  • EraqEE

    Seems like a pretty solid phone, though I didn’t like the keyboard of the E71 so I hope this one is better!

  • Sid

    @Jordan, for Nokia phones, it’s not very difficult at all. It was pretty quick and simple to unbrand my Rogers E71 so that I could get the firmware updates. All the instructions you need can be found in

  • chris

    Nokia biz phones are under-rated, but isn’t the 3-yr price a little high? This will make bb and even iphone a better buy.

  • Jim

    Now if we can find the roll out date for Saskatchewan and Manitoba’s HSPA network.
    I would hate to buy a new phone only to have the network switch over the next day.