Proof: Pearl 9100 to be priced at $449.99 no contract


  • noname

    And the release date for it is around 05/15/2010-05/27/2010

  • Nadim J

    Bold 9700 on WIND is cheaper enough said. lol

  • Nadim J

    Bold 9700 on WIND is the same price why downgrade.. lol

  • Andrew

    Fail… Even at $399 it’s a hard sale.

  • Junaid

    Well, the rogers 9700 is more expensive without contract than wind. So the wind version should be lower

  • Jon

    I’m going to guess it’s $350 on WIND.

  • Steven M

    450 for a Pearl? AHAHAHAH ARE YOU KIDDING?

  • Wesley Hwang