WIND Mobile makes first Cross-Canada call

wind-logoSimilar to Globalive Wireless a few weeks back when they made their first call, Wind Mobile (new Gobalive brand) has made their first cross-Canada connection (if you consider Vancouver to Toronto cross-Canada).

CEO of WIND Ken Campbell said “We’ve reached another important milestone this week at Wind Mobile. We have made our first cross-Canada call between Vancouver and Toronto, with two of our employees sharing a dialogue across the country. Abid Nawab in Toronto called Carol Jarnagin in Vancouver. The first words on our network were Abid saying, “Hi! Can you hear me?…”

Wind is set to launch their new wireless network by the end of the year offering “a superior level of customer service” and changing “the way Canadians experience wireless”. Hopefully everything goes well with the CRTC foreign ownership hearings starting on September 23rd (We’ve a hunch it will).

Congrats WIND!
Give us more insight into your plans and devices please…