Solo Mobile has Motorola Q for $0.00

Remember when the Motorola Q came out and it was the most talked about smartphone on the planet… Well, time has certainly passed and now the Q is available through Solo Mobile for the take charge price of $0.00 on a 3-year plan. Other rates are $149 on a 1-year, $249 on a 2-year and $299 on the 30-day plan. Does anybody do that a 30 day plan?

In order to get the $0.00 deal you must sign up for a minimum $25 data plan – which gives you 4.0 MB (if you go over this it is $12 for each additional MB). If you are unsure of what a 1 MB gets you these days, Solo kindly tells you:

  • 250 e-mails (200 words each)
  • 20 e-mails with attachments
  • 20 pages of an Excel spreadsheet
  • 10 web pages

More at Solo Mobile here