Android Marshmallow update now available for the HTC One M8 and M9 on Telus/Koodo

Rob Attrell

February 4, 2016 7:40pm

Android system updates from carriers are always going to require patience, especially when older phones are involved. The update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow was first announced back in September, but there are still a few carriers who haven’t pushed the update to older phones yet.

Telus/Koodo has begun rolling out the update to Marshmallow on the HTC One M8 and M9 in the middle of December, but undisclosed bugs caused the carrier to halt the rollout until the issues could be fixed.

Today, though, as per the new schedule, users are reporting that their Telus and Koodo handsets are prompting them that Android 6.0 is available to download and install.

Let us know if you’ve been prompted to install the update, or if you have any issues this time around.

  • Granny is ALIVE!!!!


  • lithiumli

    I updated this morning at 11am I have the M8 and I’m on virgin

  • neo905

    Not a good sign that Telus isn’t even selling HTC phones anymore online.

    • Patrick Cuyegkeng

      Likely because there isn’t a good HTC flagship to sell currently. That’s more of an HTC issue than anything.

      I think it is a good sign that they are at least still supporting the phones they have sold.

    • neo905

      If that was the case the LG 4 wouldn’t still be available. Especially with the new one out in 3 weeks.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Hope to see Samsung to get some love from the carriers

  • Theo

    Only a month later than Rogers’ marshmallow update for the HTC M8, well done Telus.

  • Warren Barbour

    I have the M9 with Koodo. It actually takes two updates. 1st one is to “prepare the M9 to receive the Marshmallow update”. That took a good hour or so. Then the Marshmallow update will run.

  • Tim Hunt

    No love for the Galaxy S5 I see, either from Samsung or Telus.
    That’ll teach me for buying Samsung, I guess.

  • Lincoln McRae

    I got the update from fido for my htc one m8, back in December.

  • Bill W

    Just got marshmallow on my Telus m8 about an hour ago .side note phone sim card removed as I am using nexus 6p St the moment.

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