Acer to debut $99 Iconia B1 Android tablet next year

Daniel Bader

December 24, 2012 5:33pm

Acer is readying the release of a $99 Iconia tablet for early 2013 as it attempts to compete with Google, Amazon and, to a lesser extent Apple, in the cutthroat tablet market.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Acer has already submitted the 1.2Ghz dual-core tablet for approval with the FCC, America’s telecom regulator, but may not actually release the low-cost device in North America. As margins grow thinner, companies have been forced to bring down the costs of devices to loss-leader levels. Acer, with its Iconia series, has always undercut competitors like Asus, Sony, Samsung and others in the Android space, but with the Asus-built Nexus 7 in mid-2012 the company found itself with no real force in the market. Its only choice, it seems, was to build an even cheaper alternative to the already-cheap Android-based choices like the Kindle Fire.

Renders of the tablet were leaked to a Serbian blog last week, confirming that the device will look very similar to its A110 cousin. Other specs include 512MB RAM, 8GB internal storage plus a microSD card slot, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS and a 1024×600 pixel screen. The device is expected to launch with stock Android 4.1.2.

Whether this can improve Acer’s chances of success in the Android tablet market is not clear — the competition is creating better, faster, cheaper tablets, and with the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire dominating the charts, it may not be worth it for users to undermine their experience with a sub-$100 slate.

Source: WSJ

  • iphoneee


    • ToddH

      HERE’S A $99 tablet released a few weeks ago — the Novo 7 Legend that’s available through a site called TabletSprint and may be considered the first “$100 TABLET” worth buying from any major brand, with features that include a quality screen display, Micro SD portable storage, Android 4.1 O/S, a MicroUSB port, and a processor with enough power to handle 3D games — Plus WiFi, Ethernet and 3G/4G Connection —

      TabletSprint also includes $25 in Bonus Apps, and bundles in free 3G/4G wireless service with 500MB of free data every month with full internet access & VoIP voice calling — certainly worth checking out…

  • Awesome

    Lets do this Acer.
    More Competition = Better Product + Less Price

    • Plazmic Flame

      This is not competition… tablets like these always s*** all over themselves and just make the platform look bad. How many people do you think are going to buy this as their fist tablet, have a bad experience and then say, “I’ll never buy Android again!” ?

      I think products like this hurt the platform more than they help it…

  • Bongo

    “but may not actually release the low-cost device in North America”
    ??? That’s not fair

  • Paul

    It’s nice to see these kind of prices but kind of wish they would start innovating instead or tell us why we should get this device rather say a Playbook.

    • Paul

      Rather than let’s say a PlayBook **

  • NOOB!!!

    Oh come on… 512MB RAM???
    1 GB RAM and I’m sold!!!!!

  • Cyrano

    and soon the chinese brand ainol fire (?) will be sold at the price of $50

  • Matty

    This looks really promising. 1.2 Ghz dual-core running Android 4.1 would be very smooth and powerful enough for basic tablet stuff. This would make a great platform for eReading, for example.

  • trytofa

    Tab 7 2.0 will be 99 on boxing day, spec is better than this

  • J-Ro

    The ram is a kinda of a deal breaker for me. I have an s3 at with 2gb of RAM it still gets packed within minutes of opening anything (thanks to all the background apps).

    The expandable storage is amazing but the ram kills it

  • SkyDome

    Original leak on the Serbian blog is taking of price around 15,000 RSD and that translates to over 150 CAD. If that includes taxes, before tax price is around 120-130 CAD.

  • GlassBackBadIdea

    For $99, I will put a tablet every where in my place, next to the bed, next to the desk, next to the kitchen sink, kitchen table, living room, in the bathroom…

    and Glad the design does not look like they use a stupid glass plate on the back side of the device similar to the stupid design by Google and LG in the Nexus 4. I knew that Acer designers are smarter than those from Google and LG

  • Kaggy

    Seems like a good device for GPS on car.

  • migo

    Hey, $100 with a Tegra 3 sounds good, even if the 512MB is low. If it’s a Mediatek or Rockchip then I probably wouldn’t want to touch it. (Actually still wouldn’t buy it myself, but it might be in the recommendation category).