Make use of Nexus 10 bottom charging pins with this magnetic pogo cable


  • GOD

    My nexus 7 has the same kind of plug… will it work ?

    • Conbon

      The Nexus 7 has 4 pogo pins. The Nexus 10 has 6. I doubt it’ll work.

  • San T. Clouse

    Thanks, N10 assessory news is welcome.

  • Duuuuude

    This guys is soooooo getting sued by Apple. 😉

    • bob

      oh yeah, cause apple invented magnets.

    • blacklisted

      I had a kettle back in the ’80s with a magnetic power connection. Surprised the patent office didn’t deny Apple’s patent application outright back when it was first submitted. But that would require the patent office workers to actually do their jobs and determine an application’s validity instead of just rubber stamping everything that seems to cross their desks.

  • Plazmic Flame

    If I could buy a Nexus 10 in this lifetime, this would be great.

  • EvanK

    My HP Veer uses a similar technology with 5 pins for charging, I don’t know why this hasn’t caught on yet. Magnetic charging is much easier, and IMO safer because the chord can be pulled out easily as opposed to the device taking a tumble with a standard chord.

    • chris c.

      It’s “cord” not “chord” noob.

      And I would not trade convenience for speed, that is for sure, I believe many of you feel the same way. Who wants to wait an extra hour or two waiting for a device to fully recharge itself?

    • chris c.

      I meant speed for convenience, sorry I’m a noob.

  • CRTC

    It would help if we could even buy a Nexus 10.

    Asides that, I dont think its authentic if its charging slower then the usb port. The problem with the nexus 10 charging through usb is it takes a long time due to only pulling 5v. Tablets require a full 1 amp to charge normally. The whole point of the pogo pin charger was to make charging faster by charging with 1 amp.

    • CluelessCompanion

      The voltage has nothing to do with it, say the nexus 10 charges at 5V, it will only take 5V of potential energy from the power source, be it the wall or computer. The actual flow of electrons in said potential energy is the amps, more electrons, more amps, faster charge. USB is limited to 0.5A in its specifications where the wall charger can ouputs 1A.

    • bob

      I wish people would stop passing mis-information around.
      USB with data = 500mA limit
      USB no data = 1800mA limit

      both at a FIXED 5 Volts, because that’s the USB standard

      The N10 PSU is a 5V 2A unit

  • bob

    “30%+ you’ll get from a microUSB cable plugged into an AC adapter”

    Where did you get that number from? Simple maths proves that’s not possible

    9000mAh battery / 3h = 3000mA current draw. the usb psu it comes with is only 2000mA. USB current is limited to 1.8A anyway

    Current draw of the Nexus 10 on USB has been measured to be around 1.6A

    The Pogo cable should allow the full 2A of the PSU to charge the device, taking aroud 4.5 – 5 hours to fully charge from completely drained

  • Brandon S

    great idea!