HTC Incredible S to receive Ice Cream Sandwich update by end of August

Daniel Bader

August 10, 2012 2:55pm

HTC has updated the status of its impending Ice Cream Sandwich updates for devices still stuck on Gingerbread. While most of the devices are in the U.S. and Europe, one device, the Incredible S, is on deck in Canada to receive ICS.

Unlike the Desire HD, which due to storage concerns will not receive Android 4.0, the excellent and much-beloved Incredible S will see an update to Android 4.0, hopefully with a serving of Sense 3.6. While we haven’t heard anything official from Bell or HTC, the latest leak from the beginning of July saw the Incredible S as being updated in “July 2012.” Obviously it’s now August so both companies have some explaining to do.

We’re just hoping the update is pushed out as soon as possible, because Incredible S users deserve something to look forward to.

Source: HTC (Facebook)
Via: HTC Source 

  • no1 u no

    Bb10 update?

  • RyanOver

    OMG !!!! European user got it since july 2nd….. WHY !!! TELL ME WHY !!!…



  • Otis

    Well its about damn time. Although I’m sure Sasktel will foul up the release somehow.

    • SaskTel

      You don’t want Ice Cream Sandwich anyways, it’d go straight to your thighs.

  • Abjection

    Where EXACTLY is the Incredible S mentioned? Could not find it in “source” or “via”. So where exactly did you get that from?

  • cybik

    Desire HD. 🙁

    • Porilaisten

      *cue violin*

  • Cyrano

    there is this miracle that smaller internal hardisk has more room to bypass the storage concerned

  • Nexus

    now this doesn’t make sense for Desire HD don’t get the ICS

  • Just Another Guy

    I will hold off on getting a Galaxy Nexus until the update FINALLY gets here.. but if its too clunky and glitched out.. i guarantee you could see me with a new phone. I-If you live where i do that is… 😛

  • Crunch204

    No where in this article is there any proof or indication that ICS is coming to the incredible s by the end of august…just that Daniel Bader hopes so.

    Why isthis website turning into his personal blog?

    • menotyou

      ikr wtf. im calling virgin tonight anyway. get an answer somehow

  • danada

    Just a heads up with the ICS upgrade for the IncS, it makes the UI a little slow compared to the previous version. If you plan on upgrading, install a custom recovery and do a nandroid backup just in case you want to roll back and not lose anything.

    Source: updated Taiwanese IncS

  • Poodz

    The worldwide version ALREADY got ICS exactly when HTC said it would. This delay is ALL Bell. That’s why I sold it lol. That and it’s glitchy screen.

  • graham

    10 days, Bell.

  • Jimmyp42

    graham, Is that a statement of wishful thinking or do u have a credible source that u want to share ?

  • Pierre J.

    ICS 4.0 before the end of August for Bell ‘s HTC Incredible S ?

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Pierre J.

    Bell mobility announced on twitter, last Friday, that HTC will not update the Incredible S to ICS 4.0 !

    • Jason G

      Although HTC already released the update for non-branded phones in July. Bell is blaming HTC but Bell only has their own asses to blame on this one.

    • Jimmyp

      Pierre J., can you please post a link to the Twitter account to follow where we can see this Bell announcement for ourselves ?