Motorola BACKFLIP now available at TELUS

Kate O'Brien

April 28, 2010 7:28am

Another Android-powered device has landed in Canada – this time it’s the Motorola BACKFLIP. This can be yours on the following plans through TELUS:
3-year contract: $99.99 (Promo with a min. $50 voice & data plan)
2-year contract: $299.99
1-year contract: $349.99
No-contract: $399.99

The BACKFLIP currently has Android OS 1.5 (possible an upgrade to 2.1 in the future) and has Motorola’s MOTOBLUR, a 3.1-inch HVGA display (resolution of 320 x 480), 5 megapixel camera with LED flash and video, music player, 3.5 mm headset jack, WiFi, full HTML Browser, aGPS with Google Maps, Google Latitude, Google Maps Street View and access to the Android Market. The overall dimensions are 53.0 x 108.0 x 15.3 mm with a weight of 133 grams.

We’ve played around with it for a bit… here is a review of the hardware and a look into MOTOBLUR:

More here at TELUS

  • Qball

    sweet! Now I can get rid of my diamond

  • Mathieu

    399.99$ is not very expensive for a smartphone but Android 1.5, seriously?

  • theninjasquad

    No point in getting this when it is running v1.5. There is no excuse for releasing new Android phones using that version of the OS.

  • david

    it says it’s $249.99 3 year on TELUS website..
    Backflip is more expensive than the Milestone??? WTF?? and it’s running on OS 1.5!

  • Charles in Vancouver

    Is it neutered like the AT&T version? Or can you install non-market apps and do Google searches?

  • Emily

    For people who say “no point getting this when its running Android 1.5” – this phone is meant for social networking and a fast way to communicate with friends. Android 1.5 is sufficient to do that. If you are looking for a more media richer device, then get the Motorola Milestone, which is on Android 2.1. Stop hating on the MOTOBLUR devices just because it is on Android 1.5.

  • Jim R

    @Charles – that is indeed the $64,000 question. Did Telus cripple it like AT&T did?

  • Annoying


  • Jim R

    I would say the no-contract price is decent *if* Telus hasn’t crippled/neutered/boinked the phone the way AT&T did.

  • Stephanie

    Does it play 3d games?

  • Lily

    I think some people need to do a little more research before posting comments. The Backflip has a UI ontop of the android OS and it is not compatible with 2.1 OS yet. Motorola is working on that now. Also, the Backflip is actually $49.99 on a 3yr contract which is $100 less than the Milestone.

  • chris

    can you tell me the price of the motorola backflip with out contrat please I really want one to take to another country but if its to expensive I wont be able to afford it