Pixel 8 Pro reportedly offers Night Sight for video

Low-light video recording could get much better for Pixel owners

Pixel 7 Pro back panel

Google’s Pixel phones are often lauded for their excellent camera capabilities, but video hasn’t always been a strong point for the phones. That could change with the Pixel 8 Pro supposedly set to offer Night Sight for video.

Night Sight, for those unfamiliar, is Google’s term for a camera feature that enables brighter photos in low-light by extending the capture time and doing some funky machine learning (ML) work. Google has steadily improved Night Sight in recent years, with the Pixel 6 series enabling sharper, more detailed images thanks to a larger camera sensor. The Pixel 7 series sliced the capture time in half thanks to improved HDR+ with ‘bracketing’ and better ML. And the Pixel 8 Pro, according to 9to5Google, will push Night Sight even further.

According to 9to5, the Pixel 8 Pro will be able to apply Night Sight to video recording, which should significantly improve low-light videos. Unfortunately, the publication doesn’t go into more detail and instead pivots to dismissing recent rumours that the Pixel 8 series would drop the SIM slot in the U.S.

Based on 9to5’s report, Android Police posits that the Pixel 8 Pro will leverage its newer, larger 50-megapixel GN2 primary sensor and its larger ultra-wide sensor along with improvements from the Tensor G3 chip to achieve Night Sight for video.

The feature reportedly won’t come to the regular Pixel 8, seemingly because of the ultra-wide sensor. However, the Pixel 8 should still offer improved video recording compared to the Pixel 7.

Source: 9to5Google, Android Police