Three of Letterboxd’s top movies of 2023 so far are Canadian

The popular movie-logging app is looking back at the first six months of the year, and Canadians played a pretty notable role in that

BlackBerry movie Research In Motion team

Popular movie-logging app Letterboxd has revealed its highest-rated films of 2023 so far, and notably, the list includes three Canadian works.

Coming in at Number 5 is Riceboy Sleeps, a semi-autobiographical drama about a Korean immigrant family in Canada from writer-director Anthony Shim from Vancouver. Toronto’s Matt Johnson took the 11th spot with BlackBerry, a riotous film chronicling the rise and fall of the iconic phone brand. Finally, rounding out the list at 25 is I Like Movies, a comedy-drama centred around a high schooler who dreams of becoming a filmmaker from Toronto’s Chandler Levack. All three movies are available to rent and purchase on digital platforms like iTunes and Google Play.

All three films were produced by Canadian companies and talent and filmed here at home. However, a few of the other movies on the list deserve some special mention here. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Letterboxd’s number-one-rated movie of the year so far, was partially produced by Sony Pictures Animation in Vancouver. What’s more, the second highest-rated film, Past Lives, is an American drama film about two old Korean friends reconnecting from Celine Song, who was born in Korea but partially raised in Markham, Ontario.

Both films are now playing in theatres. The full Letterboxd list, meanwhile, can be found here.

Image credit: Elevation Pictures