Apple’s Vision Pro to eventually feature full-body tracking, fitness apps

More features are reportedly coming to the AR/VR headset

It looks like Apple may have intentionally not discussed several Vision Pro features when it revealed the virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR) headset at WWDC earlier this month, including full-body tracking and fitness functionality.

According to The Information, some of this functionality is still early in development or could have been cancelled entirely. Apple’s Vision Pro doesn’t release until early 2024, so the tech giant likely has much more to reveal about the upcoming device. This tracks with my curated and restricted hands-on experience with the headset, where Apple only wanted me to try specific apps and features.

Full-body tracking is reportedly still on the way and is a key reason the Vision Pro includes two downward-facing cameras. The feature won’t be available at launch next year but is coming later. The Information‘s report also mentions Apple is working with Nike on using the headset for working out, and that sweat-resistant face cushions are also likely coming to the Vision Pro.

Check out The Information’s full report here. You can find my hands-on with Apple’s Vision Pro here.

In other Vision Pro-related news, Apple recently launched the headset’s third-party software development kit (SDK).

Source: The Information Via: MacRumors