Phone link to soon allow AirPlay-like audio streaming with select Android smartphones

The feature seems to be exclusive to Samsung devices

Similar to how iPhone users can use AirPlay to stream audio from their iPhone to a Mac device, Android users will soon be able to stream audio from their smartphone to a Windows 11 PC via Phone Link.

The new feature, which hasn’t been referenced yet by Microsoft, was showcased by blogger @ALumia_Italia, and is called ‘Stream audio to your PC,’ according to XDADevelopers.

“You spoke and we listened! Now you can hear and see things shared from your Phone on your PC. Change the device you’d like to stream audio from in Phone Link settings,” reads the app.

According to @ALumia_Italia’s Twitter thread, the feature requires a Samsung phone on Android 13 to function, and is currently only available on Windows’ Insider Beta Channel. The screenshot also shows an ‘Apps’ section, which only pops up when select Samsung and Surface devices are connected to Phone Link, further implying that the feature is likely not available on all Android devices.

In addition to audio streaming, @ALumia_Italia also mentioned that a new ‘Continuity Browser History’ feature is coming for the Phone Hub that will allow users to share browsing history between their Android and Windows devices. ‘Continuity Browser History’ is also a Samsung-exclusive feature and requires you to be using the Samsung Browser.

Image credit: @ALumia_Italia

Source: @ALumia_Italia Via: XDADevelopers