Uber Eats will let you search for your next takeout with emojis

Where my butter chicken emoji at? 🧈🍗

The award for the most unnecessary yet unique feature goes to Uber Eats.

The food-delivery company has just added a new feature to its mobile app and web page that allows users to search for food using emojis.

Don’t fret, you can still type in your food preference, though the feature might help if you’re abroad, and don’t know what that specific dish you’re craving is called.

The feature is embedded in the new pickup maps, which shows a list of restaurants in your immediate surroundings, and allows you to search for food with over 30 emojis, including the Pizza, Burger, Ramen emojis and more.

You can find the emoji searchable map in Uber Eats’ Android and iOS apps as well as its website in all locations where the food-delivery company’s services are available.