Instagram now lets users add pronouns to their profiles

The feature is great tool to prevent accidental misgendering

Knowing someone’s pronouns can help prevent misgendering, and thankfully Instagram is one of the first major social media platforms to take this seriously.

Instagram now allows users to display up to four pronouns in a faded text next to their profile name. Users won’t be forced to add pronouns, and once added, they can be changed or completely removed.

“We are giving people more tools to express themselves on Instagram,” a Facebook spokesperson told Mashable. “Sharing pronouns has been widely adopted by our community, and with this feature, we hope to normalize the adoption further.”

There are 41 options on Instagram’s pronoun list, but the Facebook-owned social media company says it plans to add more. According to Mashable,  Instagram spoke with LGTBQ+ organizations when making the list, including GLAAD, The Trevor Project and PFLAG.

If you’re someone who uses multiple pronouns, like ‘he’ and ‘they,’ Instagram will let you include both. If your pronoun isn’t on the list, you can continue to keep it in your bio or fill out a form for it to be added.

You can also choose to hide your pronouns from anyone who isn’t following you, and Instagram will make that a default setting for users under 18.

Currently, this feature is only available in a few English-speaking countries, but Instagram plans to roll out more widely. I’ve confirmed that Instagram profile pronoun options are available in Canada.

Via: Mashable