You can be a trash panda in this upcoming Toronto-made game

'Trash Panda' wants to be "disgustingly Canadian"

I live in Toronto, and every single night for the past two weeks, a little raccoon has visited my window while on its way to search for trash.

If you have a close relationship with these trash pandas like I do, you might really like this upcoming video game called Trash Panda that lets you roam the streets as a raccoon.

“Raccoons resonate with people. Everyone in the city has a raccoon story,” said Jason Leaver, describing the inspiration behind his work-in-progress game to CTV News Toronto. 

Leaver told CTV News Toronto that in the game, you’ll wander the streets of a typical Toronto neighbourhood on garbage night. Your goal is to knock over as many garbage cans as you can, and that occasionally, you’ll find food in a trash can.

Leaver says the game is still in the early beta testing stage and that it doesn’t have a release date yet. However, before launching Trash Panda, Leaver says that he wants to ensure the game is “disgustingly Canadian.”

Moreover, he’s working on a hero raccoon with a tux and nemesis raccoon that aims to try and knock over garbage cans before you.

Leaver says Trash Panda will likely cost $0.99 or even be free as “it’s still a hobby project at this point.”

Image Credit: Pexels

Source: CTV News Toronto