Spotify Kids rolls out new feature to share parent-curated playlists

The new feature helps parents curate their child's listening experience

Spotify Kids is rolling out a new feature called ‘Shared Playlists’ to allow parents to share music with their children.

The new pin-protected parental settings feature “lets parents share music playlists they’ve created in their Spotify account directly with their child in Spotify kids, allowing them to further curate their child’s listening experience,” Spotify notes in a press release.

All of the playlists have to be created by a parent and Spotify says that parents should review the lyrics and consider any explicit tracks before adding them to a playlist they wish to share.

Users just have to head to the parental settings section of the Spotify Kids app and enter their four-digit pin. Then you have to tap the ‘Shared Playlists’ section in your kids’ profile. From there, you’ll be able to see your playlists and select the ones you want to share with each child.

Parents will see a pop-up screen to confirm that they want to share the playlist the first time they do so. Children will then be able to access the playlists on their homepage from a new ‘Share with You’ section.

Spotify notes that if you update the playlist in the Spotify app, it’ll be updated in the Spotify Kids app as well. You can also remove a playlist at any time.

Source: Spotify