Reddit user transforms cheap Ikea Sonos speaker into a portable speaker

The self-built speaker results in savings of almost $380

There are times when getting a new portable speaker is just too deep for your pockets, according to Reddit.

If you’re looking to save some money while being creative in these uncertain times, Reddit user muck2k3 and Imgur user have posted a guide of their personal ‘Do it Yourself (DIY)’ project.

The guide goes into detail on the items and steps required to transform a cheap Ikea Sonos speaker into a portable speaker.

If you attempt to do it yourself and acquire the required items – which you can see in the guide – you’ll save yourself $280 USD (about $380 CAD).


While it’s a great guide, this DIY portable speaker is missing some of the features that a retail version has. The guide creator notes a lack of Bluetooth support in the speaker but adds that it still has AirPlay 2 support.

As far as battery usage is concerned, philb0t says they haven’t really tested how long the battery will last. They add that the initial plan was for it to reach at least eight hours at room volume.

“The power of the amplifier is in the range of 5 to 20 Watt and the capacity of the battery is 85Wh,” philb0t said in the Imgur guide.

For anyone interested, check out the guide for yourself.

Image credit: Reddit

Source: Imgur — philb0t