Google Home speaker ‘No Longer Available’ in U.S. Google Store

It might be time for Google to release a new Home speaker

The Google Home speaker might be seeing its final days.

The smart speaker, which initially released back in 2016, is no longer available on th U.S. Google Store. If a product on the Store is out of stock, it wouldn’t read “No Longer Available,” so it likely means Google is no longer selling the device.

In the Canadian Gooogle Store, the speaker has a “Join waiting list” button instead of “No Longer Available,” which is quite odd. Users are still able to buy the smart speaker on the France Google Store and the Japan Store, according to Android Authority, also reads “No Longer Available.”

It’s also worth noting in the Canadian Google Store where it reads “Join waiting List,” the Home speaker is $39.99 CAD, an astonishingly low price. This might mean Google is trying to get rid of the remainder of its stock.

Google’s Home Speaker is four years old now, so it makes sense that Google plans to release another Home-like speaker with the ‘Nest’ branding. Google might have unveiled the new speaker at I/O, but with the event being cancelled due to COVID-19, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Source: Android Authority