Sonos releases new Sonos Five and Sub alongside Arc

Both of these are just small improvements

While the Sonos Arc may have stolen the spotlight today, the company has also released a new Sonos Five speaker and Sub.

The Sub has received very little in terms of upgrades. Its changes are all internal to make sure the new Sub is supported by Sonos software version 2. That said, if you’re planning on getting an Sub soon and you want it to be as future proof as possible, make sure you get one of the new ones.

The more exciting change is the new Sonos Five. This speaker replaces the Play Five with a new design that better fits in with Sonos’ other offerings. On the inside, its speaker setup provides the same sound as the older Play Five.

This means it’s still going to produce stereo sound and be louder than all the other Sonos speakers. Then like the Sub, its chipset, memory and wireless radio have all been upgraded to future proof it as much as possible.

For fans who use it, Sonos had made sure that the 3.5mm Aux jack is still on the back, which is a nice touch and something I wish would come to other Sonos speakers.

The new Sub and Sonos Five are also available for pre-order today and they cost $699 and $599 respectively.