Bell says it restored service in Atlantic Canada after earlier outage [Update]

Update 02/15/2020 11:05am ET: A Bell spokesperson provided the following email statement regarding the outages, which have since been resolved:

“Customers in Atlantic Canada may have been experiencing mobile data service disruptions for about 3 hours earlier this morning. Full service was restored at approximately 9:30am Atlantic. We’re not experiencing any Internet outages in Ontario, but any individual customers with service issues should contact us so we can look into it.”

Some Bell services appear to be suffering from outages in both Ontario and Atlantic Canada.

MobileSyrup received some reports from readers on Saturday morning noting that some Bell services were down or not working correctly. In Atlantic Canada, reports say that there is a data failure issue causing problems on the carrier’s LTE, 4G and 3G data networks.

Bell outages

Bell outage reports map from Downdetector.

A quick look at Downdetector, an online website that tracks outage reports and maps them, confirms the issue. Reports began to spike shortly after 6am ET and peeked at 8:18am. Further, Downdectector’s live outage map shows concentrations of reports in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick as well as in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Bell’s support account on Twitter (@Bell_Support) confirmed the carrier was having a disruption to LTE and HSPA service in Atlantic Canada.

At the same time, Downdetector also listed several reports detailing issues with Bell fibre internet in southern Ontario and Quebec. The outage map shows reports ranging from around the Montreal area down through Ontario, covering most of the GTA, and extending all the way to the London and Chatham-Kent areas.

At the time of writing, Downdetector reports were already beginning to decline, suggesting the issue could soon be resolved.