Twitter cracks down on spammers by limiting number of daily follows

Twitter is limiting the amount of accounts that users can follow each day to combat spammers on its platform.

Going forward, users will only be able to follow up to 400 accounts per day, down from the previous limit of 1,000.

As Twitter notes in its rules and policies, spammers will often violate its rules by following large numbers of accounts en masse before unfollowing them in an attempt to grow their own follower base.

While the reduced daily follow limit is an effort to prevent this, it has also led some users to wonder if it shouldn’t have been lowered further still.


“We looked at follow behavior at various thresholds, and selected 400 as a reasonable limit that stopped most spam while not affecting legitimate users,” a spokesperson told TechCrunch regarding the decision to limit daily follows to 400.

Via: TechCrunch