Lenovo’s Tab 4 lineup is now available in Canada


  • Prenz

    “now available”

    So where’s the link? Where to buy?

    • EddieWinslow

      Lenovo website

  • Motiejus Osipovas

    Do any of these tablets come in variants with LTE support?

  • Andrew Holt

    16 GB of storage…in this 2017. What a joke. It’s time that 128 GB becomes the minimum storage standard on mobile devices.

  • blzd

    2GB of RAM is cutting it thin on 64bit.

  • I bought a Tab4 8 at 89$US (open box) on B&H site couple of weeks ago. One of the best tablet I owned for consuming media for that price. I don’t play any game so I don’t care that much about RAM. I put a 32GB SD Card I already had in it. Again, for the price I paid it’s perfect.

  • Blake Cousins

    It’s too bad the Euro/Asian variants weren’t brought over (4GB/64GB). 2GB/16GB is awfully slim for the price points

  • Chuggowitz

    I got excited for all of 2 minutes until I realized it was the american version. I’m not paying 330 dollars to replace my nexus 7 with something with such anemic specifications.