YouTube opens pop-up community space in Montreal

YouTube HQ with logo

According to YouTube, viewership on the video platform in Canada has risen 30 percent from last year.

Quebec in particular seem to love YouTube, with a recent Ipsos survey showing that 49 percent of YouTube users in the province would rather give up alcohol than give up YouTube for a week. Likewise, 45 percent of Quebec YouTube users said that they’d rather give up chocolate than give up YouTube for a week.

With all of that in mind, YouTube has opened up its first-ever pop-up space in Montreal to help foster the growing Quebec YouTube community.

YouTube says this will serve as an opportunity for content creators to “learn from industry experts, connect with fellow YouTube creators in a collaborative setting and use the latest film equipment to create more ambitious and innovative video content.”
From Friday, September 22nd to Sunday, September 24th, YouTube will host over 100 members of the local Quebec YouTube community, which it says is thriving thanks to successful channels such as Emma Verde (over 718,000 subscribers), Chris Ramsay (over 358,000 subscribers), Lysandre Nadeau (over 312,000 subscribers) and PL Cloutier (over 276,000 subscribers).

Those at the pop-up space will be able to attend educational workshops, business development training, networking events and hands-on video creation in YouTube’s studio, which it says is fully-equipped with the latest production technologies.

Source: YouTube