Rogers registers nine new ‘smart’ trademarks, including Smart Pulse, Smart Bandz, Smart Petz and Smart TV

Rogers believes in a smart future


  • Allyouranusarebelongtous

    If they can make a smart pet…I’m in…my dog’s an idgiot

  • jndvrk

    1997 called, they wantz their kewl zees backz. Calling it now, their next wave of product is going to have an i in front of everything.

  • heynow00

    Bet it aligns with their iptv release

  • southerndinner

    Cool more destined for failure products

  • fruvous

    Smart products but still lacking smart pricing

    • Captain Pokemon

      Rogers hates Smart Azz like you, its bad for their business. LOL

  • Jon Duke

    Hopefully, they release a Bell ALT competitor and use the “Internet tv wasn’t on the contract” thing to bring it to Quebec to have more competition. All we have here is Bell or Videotron (Yeah yeah. Shaw Direct but no one wants that).