Report: Quebec’s electric car quota will result in higher prices for conventional cars


  • David Etienne

    “It is likely that carmakers will fall short of these targets, especially since the quota of 3.5% for 2018 is above the present share of total motor vehicle sales that are electrics and hybrids, which stands at 1.08%.”

    This is entirely the fault of the carmakers. If they weren’t so busy trying to anti-sell their half-assed compliance cars, they could have far exceeded 3.5% by now.

    • Graham Fluet

      I’m waiting for Mazda’s electric-drive RX series car. That’s going to have the performance of a Tesla while solving the fuel efficiency problems of the rotary engine.

    • Brad Fortin

      Agreed, like how most carmakers are choosing to make only the exact number of vehicles required to meet their quota.

      But it’s not just the carmakers, it’s their dealers too. I’ve been trying to go electric for years but most dealers I’ve been to have stopped just short of laughing at the idea of supporting electric (two actually did laugh). At least in Ontario, anyway, Quebec is full of electric-supporting dealers eager to meet or exceed their electric quota.

    • That was my thought as well. First, electric cars are gaining in popularity. Second, they aren’t really marketed nationally. Third, they aren’t really pushed locally. This means that the numbers in this report may decrease or vanish, or not, depending on a lot of factors. And that’s assuming the report is honest or accurate to begin with.

  • jfbaudio

    The MEI is a known to be what you might call a “right wing” think tank. Their opinion is well known even before they start the study, so I wouldn’t expect it to be objective.

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      Anything economic is right wing.

  • Andrew Holt

    Fact: Electric Cars contribute to pollution just as much as conventional cars. Stop buying into the nonsense of greenpeace etc. It’s just a scam to divert more money from the many working class into the hands of the elite few.

    • LeMuffin

      If you state something as fact a couple of references to back it up would help. Just sayin’…

    • I don’t see how, as workers have to work on both cars. As for pollution, the numbers change over time. Are you counting power generation? Because if you use clean power for your plugin electric, that may tip the balance. I haven’t looked into it this decade.

  • bigshynepo

    Quebec will likely need a law that forbids companies from inflating their prices ‘in Quebec’ to compensate for this new mandate.
    That way, the rest of the provinces will have to absorb the costs for another one of Quebec’s initiatives, like usual.

    • I’d be interested to know the debt to GDP or debt to revenue. That’s a more meaningful number than absolute debt. Half a trillion dollar debt is find if you are making 100 trillion a year. Not so good if you are making 1 trillion a year.

    • fred

      exactly, maritimes provinces are much poorer

    • bigshynepo

      Ontario’s total GDP in 2008 was $597 Billion. Quebec’s is about $350 Billion.

      Having a debt that is more than half of your GDP seems to be a recipe for disaster. For reference, the United States has a GDP of about $18 Trillion, with a debt of $12 Trillion, and even that seems under-calculated. Even Venezuela’s debt, with it’s crippled economy, is only 28% of it’s GDP right now as of 2016.