BlackBerry to strengthen cybersecurity offerings for Canadian and U.S. governments

BlackBerry Key One back of phone

BlackBerry has announced that it has expanded its cybersecurity offerings to include SecuSUITE for Government for both Canadian and U.S governments. With SecuSUITE, organizations are given a multi-platform solution for end-to-end encryption of voice calls and text messages, ensuring that sensitive conversations are protected from electronic eavesdropping.

According to BlackBerry, SecuSUITE is part of BlackBerry Secure, “the most secure and comprehensive platform to connect people, devices, processes and systems” and is used by more than 20 governments around the world. BlackBerry says the service enables calls over carrier networks the same as secure calls over Wi-Fi. Furthermore, it works across all networks, so organizations won’t need to be locked into a single carrier.

“Call tapping is happening at an alarming rate,” said Alex Thurber, senior vice president and general manager of Mobility Solutions, BlackBerry, in a press release. “In today’s connected world, restricting agency employees to only exchange classified information from the desk phone is no longer a viable option, but it could be the new reality if governments don’t start securing calls and texts from mobile devices. Our governments need to be mobile and they need their conversations secure, or more importantly, BlackBerry Secure.”

Source: MarketWired


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