Government of Canada to invest $10 million in faster internet for British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba


  • Binku

    Government isn’t hesitant to payout $10.5 million to someone who has committed murder.
    But yet they only invest $10 million to improve internet for 3 provinces? :/

    • Mr Dog

      The amount of ignorance in this comment…. lol
      Do you know why the government had to pay $10.5 million to a murderer?

      This $10 million is just an inventive to the providers to invest their money into the area for which they will be getting payment from the consumers going forward.

    • Amazington Esq

      they didn’t have to. They settled out of court. Even if the murderer got more money, the optics of fighting it tooth and nail would have been worth it.

    • Mr Dog

      He got the $10 million because the government of Canada denied him his basic human rights as a Canadian citizen. Nothing to do with anything related to his actions. The $10 million is a fine almost so that officials will think twice before every denying a citizen their human rights.

  • Tamara

    Who the hell is going to pay for the huge debit that the Liberals are racking up. The way they spend the debit load for tax payers will be out of this world. We will be in the red that the grand childrens children will be paying.