New Bell ‘NumberShare’ trademark might allow cross-platform texts


  • It’s Me

    Canadian Telecom, leading from behind.

  • Eluder

    Probably just a rip off of AT&T’s Numbersync service, or RON as mentioned.

  • Brad Fortin

    This could be interesting.

  • bmccull

    Or like T-Mobile’s Digits?

  • nick_loss

    Bell Canada already did something very similar in 2002. Anyone else remember their short-lived ‘SimplyOne’ service? I was part of the trial run back then and it was pretty cool. However it was different in that it used VoIP to link my Digital PCS number (ha!) to my home. Basically any incoming call would ring simultaneously on both lines. also, came with some perks like a voicemail box that would transpose the content of my callers’ messages into text and send it via email.

  • Dominic

    Oh my gosh I would love this, I don’t like bringing my phone with me and it would be nice to call from my computer whenever I felt like it.