Prison Architect escapes to iOS and Android tablets

Prison Architect

Prison Architect, one of Steam’s major early access success story, is making its way mobile devices.

After an initial soft launch in the Netherlands, the game is now widely available in Canada, as well as other major markets across the world, on iOS and Android.

The tablet only title is free to download, though, as is the case with most free-to-play mobile titles, Prison Architect includes in-app purchases. Thankfully, a single $14 USD microtransaction grants users access to all of the game’s content. Additionally, there are no ads present within the game.

The original, critically acclaimed title was developed and self-published by U.K-based Introversion Software. For its first outing on mobile, Introversion called upon Paradox, a company that’s best known for developing and publishing grand strategy titles like Crusader Kings 2, for help to get the title on tablets.

Paradox has an excellent history of supporting its titles, which is to say if you decide to invest time and money into Prison Architect, you’ll like see Introversion and Paradox add additional content to the title down the line.

Prison Architect combines simulation, management and strategy gameplay elements into a title that sees players building their own maximum security prisons. If you loved games like Theme Hospital and Dungeon Keeper when they first came out in the late 90s, then you’ll likely find yourself right at home with Prison Architect.

Prison Architect: Mobile is available to download from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

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