Some Google Wifi routers are experiencing connectivity issues

Google WiFi

Google hasn’t made their new mesh router available to Canadians yet, however, a few Americans seem to be having problems with the device already. Since March, users of the mesh Wi-Fi device have come across connectivity issues that Google can only provide temporary fixes for.

After the last update (version 9202.35.8) to the router that was supposed to improve general stability and performance, a number of Google Wi-Fi owners took to the Google product forums and reported connectivity drops. Customers reported that the device will lose connection as the hub turns a solid blue and rebooting the device only temporarily restores the Wi-Fi connection.

Google hasn’t announced a final fix for the problem, however. The first is to start GWifi with a different account. This means Google Wifi owners have to create a Google account or use a family member’s account. The second temporary fix is to disconnect Windows 10 or Xbox devices, or connect them via ethernet. This means users have to turn off any Windows 10 devices, such as laptops or tablets so that Google Wifi will function. 9to5Google reports this step brings back the Wifi services to their device.

This issue isn’t happening to all GWifi customers and Google is still working on a “final fix for the issue” said by the Google Wifi Care Team.

Source: 9to5Google