Tesla continues Canadian expansion with additional dealership and ‘supercharger’ stations


  • Rev0lver

    “This function allows the car to self-drive, letting drivers take their hands off the steering wheel when on highways”

    Except Tesla explicitly tells you to keep your hands on the wheel at all times…

  • TomsDisqusted

    Don’t count on auto-pilot. The big 3 car makers are way behind on technology innovation and are very tight with multiple levels of gov’t here – they’ll petition the gov’t and spread misinfo about AP being dangerous to delay the approval so they can have a chance to play catch-up.

    • Rev0lver

      Isn’t Elon Musk currently working with President Bannon?

  • AppleBerrySandwich

    Cool cars but only for the rich.

  • Will check this out in 5-8 years (when it’s cheaper/competitors!?) But im excited!!

  • nmyseteroious

    A bit confused.. The autopilot functionality is definitely here in Canada.. I use it everyday on 401.

    • MrEeeaddict

      Then you’re using it illegally

  • Rimtu Kahn

    Model S has 539km range with the 100D battery, which will set an owner back about ~200K+tax. Base is 60D that costs about 100K+tax. And the max range on that is 350km. Also keep in mind you are not eligible for any rebates for any tesla configuration that cost over 150K before taxes and applicable rebate. The rebate for the base model S essentially amounts to saving the HST.

    Also remember tesla recommends charging the battery to 90% of its capacity for daily use. According to tesla it helps the battery retain capacity over greater charge cycles. Also keep in mind batter will lose charge capacity by about 1-3% per year per Tesla so you would want to make sure you do everything to keep the capacity Loss at a minimum. With the 60D you have the option to swap out the battery in the future for a 75D for about 7.5K+tax.

    Another thing to remember is you can always discount 10% of reported range in Canada. The range is based on US EPA rating and they don’t consider Canadian winter. I’ve seen range is inaccurate due to overestimation by at least 10%. I have a feeling the range estimate will be fairly accurate in California which comes up a lot while buying the car, e.g. tire pressure indicator will give you warning because they’re calibrated for California and not a Canadian province.

    The tesla home charger installation by a licensed electrician can be anywhere between $1500 to whatever they can charge. So, you have to consider additional around 5K on home charger with installation, including rebate. This is a lot of good info that a tesla ad or sadly even a mobilesyrup report won’t give you but you can only find from a reality check by an owner.

    Frankly I’m wondering what has tesla got to do with mobilesyrup unless mobilesyrup has now become a tech paparazzi.

  • dougo13

    Haven’t got the money for either Tesla models and no way to service or maintain one of those cars where I am (considerably West of TO), so this article is moot. From owners of other electric vehicles though I’ve heard that the new 2018 Leaf and Volt cars will have much more improved range and be eligible for rebates. They also have dealerships where I am so that means I can get in and out of warranty service. Guess what kind of electric vehicle I’ll be looking at for next year?