3 takeaways from Nintendo’s Switch keynote presentation

After months of patient waiting, Nintendo fans finally got to see their favourite console maker release more details about its forthcoming mobile home console hybrid, the Switch.

While my colleague Patrick O’Rourke was in a mad dash to get every single detail about the device out to MobileSyrup readers following last night’s late reveal, I watched Nintendo presentation at a more leisurely pace to try and contextualize the device.

I’ve organized the result of that effort below. In short, I think there’s a lot to be optimistic about when it comes to the Switch, but it faces some potential stumbling blocks, particularly when it comes to its success in the Canadian market.

The Nintendo Switch is too expensive, at least in Canada


When Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima took to the stage last night in Tokyo and quickly announced the price of the Switch, it seemed like the Japanese gaming giant had thrown Canadian consumers a bone, as Kimishima said the Switch would cost $299 in the Americas.

“Not only did all of Nintendo’s first-party games look compelling, there also seemed to be something for everyone”

Nintendo then released local pricing details, revealing that its latest console will cost an additional $100 in Canada.

To put that number in perspective, that’s more than the $379 both Sony and Microsoft charge for their base model eighth generation consoles, both of which come with excellent games inside the box.

I’m not usually one to compare price between drastically different devices, because, for the most part, I don’t think it’s a useful exercise; most consumers products are far more than the sum of their components. But then you compare the Switch against the Xbox One S, with its support for both 4K and HDR video output, apps and UHD Blu-Ray playback, on top of the fact it plays games, the latter comes out looking like a much better value proposition.

Worse yet are the prices of the console’s accessories. In Canada, an extra set of Joy-Con controllers is priced at $100. Meanwhile, a single Switch Pro Controller will set Canadian consumers back $90. I don’t want to know how much an extra dock will cost (it doesn’t have a price yet) because in the U.S. it’s priced at $80 USD. You know something is way too expensive when our neighbors to the south complain.

Nintendo’s pricing strategy here seems completely at odds with its positioning of the Switch as a multiplayer-focused console, and is likely to put the company on the back foot as it tries to become competitive against Sony and Microsoft again.

Of course, we’ve been here before. When the 3DS first came to Canada back in 2011, it cost $250. Six months later, Nintendo slashed the console’s price to $170, a dramatic discount that significantly boosted sales of the device.

I understand Nintendo’s reasoning going into the launch of this console. The company must believe it has a compelling product on its hands and feels it’s well worth the asking price. Moreover, it’s easy for a consumer electronics company to reduce the price of a product, but to increase it is almost untenable, so why not make a few more bucks if possible. The company has shareholders to keep happy, after all.

Still, the company will need to adjust pricing strategy across the globe if it hopes to win back gamers.

But damn, that first-party lineup

It was just earlier this week that Microsoft cancelled Scalebound, one of its few announced exclusives that had nothing to do with Gears of War or Halo, so to watch Nintendo detail The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey and Splatoon 2, and announce that all three titles are coming out within the first year of the Switch’s launch, proved once again that the company is still the best first-party publisher in the business.

Moreover, not only did all of Nintendo’s first-party games look compelling, there also seemed to be something for everyone. It’s easy to see how 1-2-Switch and Arms could become this generation’s Wii Sports, and the new Legend of Zelda looks, well, amazing. Then there was Splatoon 2, sequel to the criminally underplayed Wii U original.

Normally I wouldn’t recommend anyone buy a game console at launch, but Nintendo’s release schedule looks such that there will be at least one great title every couple of months in the first year of the Switch’s availability.

Nintendo wisely didn’t oversell future releases either, instead focusing on titles that are near the end of their development cycle. That’s something Sony has been guilty of these past few years, particularly with the reveal of titles like The Last of Us Part II or Death Stranding, which anyone outside of Sony is unlikey to get their hands on anytime in the next two to three years.

But then first-party titles have never Nintendo’s issue, which brings us to third-party support.

Will western publishers once again ignore Nintendo’s new console?

Nintendo announced last night that more than 50 third-party developers are working on over 80 games for the Switch. Still, it was hard not to feel there was a good chance history was about to repeat itself.

While the company did show off titles from other publishers like Atlus and Square Enix, the games those publishers demoed will likely have limited appeal here in the West.  It’s understandable Nintendo chose to focus on the games that it did — it was presenting the Switch to its local Japanese audience after all — but the company will have to show the Switch is not just a machine for consuming its own creations and JRPGs.

What worries me from this perspective is that the message from western publishers on Switch support has so far been all over the map.

EA, for instance, went on stage last night to announce that its FIFA series is coming to Nintendo’s new console, but earlier in the month, the company also said it had no plans to bring Mass Effect: Andromeda, the latest entry in BioWare’s popular RPG series, to the Switch. Ubisoft, meanwhile, said it has a “wide variety” of games planned for the console, even after it made the decision stop support for the Wii U partway through its life cycle.

What’s further worrisome about the Switch from a third-party perspective is the console’s unique hardware combined with its under-powered internals.

Even with how much mobile CPU and GPUs have advanced in the past several years, the Switch’s Tegra processor won’t be able to compete with the desktop class 3D cards found in the PS4 and Xbox One, likely meaning straight ports of titles from those two consoles will be at their worst on the Switch. If they have more than one console, most consumers will buy the version of a multiplatform release that looks and plays better unless portability is their main concern. That does not bode well for publishers.

Moreover, over the last several generations, Nintendo has been the only company with the financial incentive to take full advantage of the unique characteristics of its hardware. We’ve seen some great titles from other developers, but for the most part, from the GameCube onward, the best games on Nintendo’s consoles have come from the company’s internal development studios.

Third-party will need to invest significant resources and talent if they hope to create something Switch owners will want to buy. With the high cost of modern game development, most will likely decide their money is better spent developing for the PS4 and Xbox One’s combined 80 million install base.


To reiterate, the Switch’s biggest challenge, in Canada anyway, will be its high price tag. Video game consoles, after all, are all about economies of scale.

On the consumer side, consoles don’t present the best gaming experience, but they’re more affordable, at least at face value, when compared to their PC counterparts, making it easier to buy a variety of games for the console in question.

Meanwhile, on the manufacturer’s side of things, most console makers don’t make money on device sales, at least not at the start of a console’s life cycle. It’s all about hitting critical mass and making a profit on software licensing fees.

We’ll see how the Switch shapes up in the weeks and months following its March 3rd release date, but it’s easy to see with some small tweaks to its pricing strategy and with support from third-party publishers, Nintendo could have a runaway hit.


  • Andrew Goldenberg

    Well they sold out in Canada so I guess the price tag wasn’t that high.

    • MassDeduction

      There’s a difference between early adopters and strong lifetime sales. The original Playstation started with a big head start, but the Nintendo 64’s launch excitement let them quickly not only catch up but even briefly beat the Playstation’s total sales. However, after launch excitement died down, so too did N64 sales and the original Playstation went on to handily win that generation. This is one of many examples I can point to (the Dreamcast’s impressive launch, followed by an exit from the industry 18 months later, is another).

    • Shogun

      Yeah and how many were available for pre-order in Canada? 50? 100? If the NES Classic supply is any indication I doubt that many were made available.

    • Rev0lver

      I doubt the NES Classic and the Switch follow anything close to a similar production. I’m sure it was more than 100 that were made available.


      There were 120, mixed grey and colour, out where I live in East Jesus Canada at one of my EB Games, 150 at the other one. I’d say that’s actually pretty good. Took them a couple days to sell out so people had a chance if they really wanted one.

    • monsterduc1000

      Douchy douche

  • MoYeung

    Western publishers on Switch support?

    Western developers only care about the total number of console units sold.

    If the installer base is high, you will see Western games.

    • News flash: All publishers care about total number of console units sold, regardless of their geographical region.

  • AppleBerrySandwich

    I will buy one at $299 Black Friday

    • MoYeung

      6 or 7 years later?

  • dmcd

    I was really excited about this, but there’s no way I’m paying $399 plus $90 for a controller that will fit my hands.

    Plus they said the battery will only be good for 3 hours playing 3D games. It won’t be any good for traveling like they implied in the reveal trailer, that guy would have run out of battery an hour into his flight.

    • It just uses USB-c to charge, so it shouldn’t be hard to find somewhere to charge it while on the go.

    • dmcd

      Ya I missed that it comes with a USB C charger. it would be really handy if you have a USB C phone too

  • 除了膜拜,别无它言!

  • jay

    i love my nintendo games for a long time. still playing pokemon on my 3DS and thats fun in the train or on the couch.
    i bought an xbox one s halo 5 bundle for 329$ on boxing day(plus all Gears of war titles)

    the biggest problem i have are the games. sure price is always high when something is new plus exchange rate but at least throw in some games in canada

  • Rawb

    I generally agree. Consider myself a Nintendo fanboy and I want one but not at 500+ for system, game, controller etc. Ps4 on amazon right now is 330 and I’m really thinking of getting that now instead and getting a Switch next year. Plus I still have a Wii U for Zelda

    • I don’t get why anyone is complaining about the price, especially on this site. Almost everyone on here has no problem spending $800 on a phone every two years, but buying a system for half that price, that plays better games, and will have about a 5 year life span, is just madness!

    • Garrett Cooper

      A lot of people buying those $800 phones are getting them subsidized and actually spending $0-200 out of pocket. Big difference.

    • Best Buy offers monthly financing which is exactly the same thing.

  • Jonathan G.

    I am probably going to wait until Super Mario comes out and hope a bundle of some sort is packaged with it. In the mean time I will probably get Breath of the Wild for my WiiU

  • I watched it and got super pumped when I saw $299. Then I went to Best Buy’s website and saw $399…along with the price of games and extra stuff for it. Nintendo is pricing it as if it is as big as the PS4 or Xbox One, which it isn’t. It has a lot of proving to do before the price will be justified.

    On top of that, the battery life is beyond terrible, and really begs the question if it’s worth it over the 3DS.

  • gommer strike

    All this talk of “oh it’s so expensive” when in reality a large reason for that, is our weak CAD. Come on you guys. *Everything* by default, is more expensive here in beautiful Canada.

    Onto some real talk regarding the Nintendo Switch:

    – So it’s the best portable console hardware out there, although stretching the boundaries of what portable is. You’re not sticking this in your pocket. Oh I’m sorry, fine. One Joy-con in each cargo pants pocket, the main console itself in the jean pocket of your choice(left or right, up to you, migrate the wallet/keys out).

    – 720p on the go, 1080p at home. Sure, sounds reasonable enough. But with Zelda projected to last about 3 hours of battery life? You’ll probably want to lug around a battery pack or the power brick with you(I’m sure there’s a travel version).

    – Nintendo isn’t about owning the most powerful hardware, and hasn’t been that way for years. It’s all about the 1st party and exclusive titles to the platform. You aren’t looking to play Skyrim here – when you can play a far superior version elsewhere.

    The fate of this console hinges on a few things:

    – Games, games, games. Don’t be another Wii U, please.

    – Get a proper port of Smash Bros Melee on here. No, not the Wii U version. The Gamecube one, which is still regarded today by the professionals, as the best. Leave it at Gamecube resolution for all I care. But don’t mess it up.

    – Properly done multiplayer support. Wii U was a joke that required *at least* two different permission levels just to add a friend. Yes Nintendo, we all know you’re afraid of little kids hearing profanity/swearing from voice chat. But what you did with the Wii U is not the answer.

    – We don’t see a ton of people lugging around 3DS’, Gameboys, PS Vitas and so on on the train or bus. No I don’t mean Japan. I mean here, where we are. Everyone’s on their smartphones. The notion of someone lugging their Switch around in their backpack, on their way to school/work is going to be quite the rare edge case, never mind everyone dropping a real-life basketball game to huddle around the Switch with those tiny Joy-cons to play a video game of basketball.

    • MoYeung

      “*Everything* by default, is more expensive here in beautiful Canada.”

      Please change the locale to *Freezer* Canada.

    • MoYeung

      “We don’t see a ton of people lugging around 3DS’, Gameboys, PS Vitas and so on on the train or bus. No I don’t mean Japan. I mean here, where we are. Everyone’s on their smartphones.”

      Think of it as a Nintendo tablet?

    • gommer strike

      And so these iPad owners that you mention would be easy customers to transition to a Nintendo Switch, right?

      But of course they are. Definitely the elderly crowd that we all see use tablets to take pictures(nothing wrong with that) will make that switch to the Switch.

    • Mr_Reliable

      I’ve no idea what you’re talking about. I literally see 3DS in the subway all the time. If the Vita was popular (or had sold at all), I would have seen that. I use to see the PSP back in the day.

    • gommer strike

      Where are you? Toronto? We don’t have subway systems where I live. Yes we have an inferior approximation called a “Skytrain” but not a subway.

      Maybe you see 3DS’ held by every 2nd person where you are, but that doesn’t equate to the device being super ultra popular where I am.

      I owned a PSP(original with the UMD support) but it was a very rare sight indeed to see anyone outside of otaku types with a PSP.

    • Mr_Reliable

      Montreal, actually. I’d have said “the metro”, but then no one would have understood me. Also, “literally see the 3DS all the time” doesn’t equate to “every 2nd person”. It’s just I’ll see at least once a day, every day, by someone somewhere using public transportation. If that isn’t your case in the greater Vancouver area, I don’t know what to tell you. Lastly, I would never say that only “otaku types” owned a PSP. A Vita though, yeah, that’s weeb central.

  • monsterduc1000

    My 3 takes,


    • Sean-Paul

      You already fail

    • monsterduc1000

      Nope. Doing pretty good actually.

      Unlike you, kiddy game lover. Probably a fat plumber who lives in a sewer just like your hero.



    • Rev0lver

      Wow, defensive much?

    • monsterduc1000

      French Douche

    • The 3DS has continued to outsell the PS4, so if the Switch becomes Nintendo’s main portable and continues the sales trend of their portable line it should have no problems doing well.

    • monsterduc1000

      Sure it has sold more, but the 3ds has a two and a half year lead on the ps4, and sells for half the price of the Switch. I would think even Nintendo portable fanboys have a price breaking point…For some anyway.

      BUT!, Since the beginning of 2014, according to VGChartz, the ps4 has sold almost 44.4 million consoles, the 3ds around 22.4 million… So no, considering matched up time frames, it is not outselling the ps4. The ps4 is DEMOLISHING it from that point.

    • But the thing is now rather than having to buy both a home console and a portable, which many people do, you buy one system that does both. So instead of spending $600+ on two systems, you spend $400 on one. And if anyone says $400 is a lot of money for a console, they obviously aren’t old enough to remember the cost of video games in the 90s. The SNES was $200, PS was $300, which would be $350 and $480 US today with inflation.

    • monsterduc1000

      Yeah, but it’s going to be a mediocre portable and shitty home console. Those battery numbers are brutal, and computing numbers ridiculous!

    • It’s like 100x better than the 3DS, and still more powerful than the Wii U which is a perfectly good system. It may not be on par with the PS4, but it can fit in your pocket. And why is 3-6 hours on a charge brutal? You won’t get any better on an iPad if you’re playing processor hungry games.

      Sometimes I feel like people on tech forums are the same ones who put “Piss on Ford” stickers on the back window of their pickup with purple truck-nutz.

    • Shogun

      Sometimes I feel that people on tech forums are the same ones who have a little too much nostalgia or fanboy attachment to a brand to understand how inconsequential it is.

    • But if I own both Nintendo and PS consoles, which team do I get to be a fanboi for? Do I have to pick XBox due to conflict of interest?

    • Rev0lver

      He hates BlackBerry and Nintendo and needs everyone to think the exact same way as he does. It causes him excessive personal pain if people enjoy things that he doesn’t enjoy.

    • I love Nintendo, but I like everything tech related. My personal phone is a Sony, but I also use a BB for work, and have no problems with it. I just don’t get why people have to choose sides in these non-battles. Just enjoy everything out there!

    • Shogun

      “I love Nintendo,” Yeah, this is your problem. You see this company and its products through the prism of your biases and can’t really separate the forest from the trees.
      Liking a brand shouldn’t preclude you from objectively looking at it for what it is or isn’t anymore and what might be a better business model to stay competitive and viable.

    • Rev0lver

      So now you’re here insulting people who like things that you don’t.

      Get a life buddy and let others enjoy things that they like.

    • monsterduc1000

      Huge douche

    • But like I said before, I’m not faithful to just one company. I’ve owned a PS2 and PS3, and thoroughly enjoyed them as much as my Nintendo systems. The only reason I haven’t got a PS4 yet is because I was waiting to see what the Pro would offer over the original, and also to see if any of the games I want to play on it (Battlefield, Overwatch, GTA) would be announced for the Switch.

    • Shogun

      Fine. But why the vigorous defence of this product then huh? It’s overpriced and if you can’t see that then you’re blind to one brand whether you realize it or not. There is nothing wrong with calling a company out when they mishandle a product release and Nintendo has been known for this in recent years. It seems like you take it personally though which is odd if your tech loyalties are all over the place.

    • monsterduc1000

      Big time Douche

    • Shogun

      How about not approaching this topic as a fanboy at all and just objectively looking at it as a rational consumer would? Wouldn’t that be refreshing.

    • I’m a fan of video games in general, not any particular company or system. As a rational consumer I see a video game console that costs roughly the same as every other console I’ve ever bought, and offers the games I want to play. Seriously, it’s $400. If that’s a lot of money for you to spend every 5 years, you need a new job. I spend more than that on just games each year. I spend more than that each month on car insurance and gas. I spend more than that on groceries each month. The phone in my pocket which I use to send a few texts, emails, and check Facebook cost twice as much and will last half as long. I’m a pretty rational consumer.

    • Shogun

      Get real will ya. What? You think this is about whether I can afford $400 now? lmao! This is about the choices on the market for ANY consumer looking to buy a new console whether to replace an existing one or for the first time and stacked against those metrics, this is a waste.
      If you’re a fanboy of Nintendo and love the games that much then by all means buy it but it therefore appears the company is catering to a hard core base of loyalists and that has all the makings of a flop. The Wii did well precisely because it was rather compelling and attracted a new customer base for the first time. Since then, everything they’ve done is a flop and this will likely as well.

    • Everything since the Wii was a flop? Sure, all one home console. Their portable line has never done wrong.

    • Shogun

      The 3DS was a flop until the company cut the price and the Wii U didn’t go down that well either.

    • Every console gets a price cut and sales boost from it, don’t be ridiculous in trying to make it seem like a lucky break.

    • Shogun

      Sure every console gets a price cut but not because sales are anemic like it is with this company. And in the case of the 3DS it was a large price drop and the incentive of 20 free games to get people to buy. I don’t see Sony or MSFT doing this to move their inventory.
      Please get a clue.

    • Shogun

      Are you for real? Neither the 3DS nor the Switch holds a candle to the PS4 or the Xbox for that matter. You are comparing apples to oranges in so many ways it’s ludicrous.
      Seems like your self conscious about being one of the only ones excited about the release of the Switch and pre ordering while the consensus is that it’s a ripoff and inferior in every way

    • The 3DS hasn’t sold more units than the PS4? I said nothing about processing power. And sure the Switch isn’t as powerful as the PS4, but who cares? Didn’t you enjoy the PS3/2/1 when they were out? The processing power doesn’t make the games good. I mean seriously, even the PS4 sucks compared to a lot of PCs, but so what? The games are still good on it.
      And yes, obviously I’m one of the only ones excited for it, which is why all the pre-orders are sold out already.

    • Shogun

      “The processing power doesn’t make the games good.”

      LMAO! This statement of yours pretty much tells me you have little idea what you’re talking about. You are trying in vain to find whatever excuses you can by comparing PS4 processing power to a PC and nowhere did I state the PS4 was better than a custom built gaming rig.

      We are talking about an overpriced Nintendo unit with limited power, capability and gaming options here so try as hard as you are, doesn’t change the fact its a poor choice in this market but whatever. Buy it if it makes you feel good. I could care less but facts are facts.

    • So every game made before the PS4 came out was complete garbage? Obviously they must have been because the consoles weren’t as powerful. Oh, but wait, when the PS5 comes out in a few years won’t that make all the PS4 games garbage too because the processing power isn’t as good as what will be in the future?

    • Shogun

      Huh? Apparently you missed the point again so let me say for the cheap seats okay.

      This console stacked up against today’s offerings is inferior in nearly every way from storage space to video output (720p?? Seriously) to its processor. The fact that even a first gen PS3 is more powerful than this thing ought to give you pause but no rest for the fanboys I see.

    • Video output to your TV is 1080p, the screen on the console itself is 720p. And now you’re just making things up about processing power if you think the PS3 is more powerful. Even the Wii U is comparable to the PS3, and the Switch is clearly more powerful than the Wii U.

    • Shogun

      And yet you can’t do half the stuff on a Nintendo Switch you can do on an older generation PS3. Although I’m not technically minded enough to compare the specs on processing between the two devices the fact remains that few people would notice much difference playing a game on a PS3 vs. a Nintendo Switch which also seems to buttress your argument of how processing power means little. In this case it doesn’t as PS3 isn’t getting new games released but it does matter with the likes of the PS4 or Xbox.
      And your 1080p output requires that ridiculous dock which is additional cost. The need for these accessories and for game developers to custom make software to be compatible with the unique nature of the design here ensures this will be a flop buddy. But keep dreaming okay.

    • If you watch any of the Switch game demos, the graphics are definitely a step ahead of the PS3, but you are right, the power doesn’t make the games better.

      And the dock is included with the console. Thanks for paying attention to the images up there ^^^

    • Rev0lver

      Nope. You’re not allowed to like it because Shogun says so.

    • Damnit!

    • Rev0lver

      Don’t bother. He has a mental illness and I believe he has stopped taking his meds. It’s sad really.

  • Sean-Paul

    Already preordered….Can’t wait for March 3rd

    • monsterduc1000

      Waste of money.

    • Shogun

      About sums it up. This is really yesterday’s technology as are the game offerings from this company. It’s not 1985 anymore.

    • Rev0lver

      What hybrid portable/home consoles were released in the past from major videogame companies?

    • Let me guess, you prefer your Call of BattleGears?

    • Shogun

      Certainly more so than another Zelda or Mario Bros iteration.

    • What makes those less enjoyable for you?

    • Shogun

      Uh it’s not about enjoyment but rather trying to sell an overpriced system with inferior specs based largely on a game ecosystem that is 30 years old. The company is out of touch

    • It’s not overpriced. It’s exactly the price video game consoles cost. If you want to talk about overpriced consumer electronics, talk about phones. You can buy 3 Switches for less than the highest end iPhone. Don’t you think that is more of an issue?
      And you don’t want to be part of a 30 year old game ecosystem, but you’re perfectly fine being part of a 20 year old game ecosystem. That makes a lot of sense, I totally get it.

    • Shogun

      You’re now comparing consoles to phones? lol! Come off it pal. The fact is the specs on the Switch do not hold a candle to any console on the market today and if one were inclined to buy a new unit they’d be buying an Xbox or PS4 given the wide variety of gaming options available for the same price point. To say nothing of the capability of the devices to stream media that this unit doesn’t possess.
      Nintendo is fundamentally a niche product and I accept that because those buying these are enthralled with their game offerings that no one else offers. Personally I think Nintendo’s future would be better off in developing mobile games for other platforms and mobile instead of making their own consoles.

      Last but not least, the hybrid nature of this is far from compelling. It limits the hardware specs fundamentally making the price all the more ridiculous. What I see here is a glorified 3DS and that’s all but hey, if you it floats your boat then enjoy.

    • You’re now saying Nintendo should develop games for phones, but I’m not allowed to compare a portable console to a phone? lol!

    • Shogun

      Is Nintendo competing against mobile phones? You are desperate pal and if you can’t see the difference between suggesting they should make games for mobile platforms, be it tablets or phones, and comparing price points between two very different pieces of technology then you aren’t too bright.
      And FYI, since you insist on comparing prices regardless most smartphones today can do more than a Nintendo Switch so there.

    • Uh yeah, they clearly are competing against phones for the casual player market.
      And I should hope that most phones can do more, because the average price of a phone is double the price.

    • Shogun

      No they are not man. You haven’t any idea what you’re talking about when you make statements like this.

    • So then who are they competing with for casual gamers?

    • Shogun

      The way you come off defending this you are anything but a ‘casual gamer’ People don’t buy smartphones primarily for their gaming capabilities buddy and although I never heard Nintendo make this suggestion as to their target market, if that is their focus then really they are barking up the wrong tree. Somehow though I think that’s your lame argument in defending your purchase earlier this week. 😉

    • You’re right, I’m not really into casual gaming, but I’ve played my share of phone games and can understand that that is where a large majority of the original Wii players migrated to, and they are the ones that Nintendo wants to pull back into their ecosystem.
      And I didn’t come here to defend my purchase, I came here to respond to your posts saying why it’s a horrible purchase. If you really didn’t care, you wouldn’t have bothered to even read this article or post anything, but obviously you feel pretty strongly about it.

    • Shogun

      Nintendo isn’t going to pull anyone back into the ecosystem by compelling people to carry around multiple devices. The fact I can play an Xbox game on a console and continue playing on my laptop or Windows Phone is proof others are making inroads whereas Nintendo seems to be making it more difficult and expensive.

      I don’t really feel strongly about it but a good debate is entertaining at times I don’t deny.

    • monsterduc1000

      Uncharted, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Horizon, Mass Effect, Destiny, Evil Within

    • So much edge, you must butter your toast with your own hand.

    • Shogun

      Edge? No. Just games that are actually ‘exciting’ and ‘challenging’ and don’t bore the crap out you in 30 minutes of use. Something a Mario iteration easily does.

    • Bruh, your age is showing, pull up your pants.

    • Shogun

      lol! Anyone that still gets an orgasm over a Nintendo game really hasn’t grown up.

    • That’s pretty much the opposite of how it works. When most people grow up they learn that they don’t have to fit into preconceived notions of what their peer group wants them to fit into.
      If you think it’s an either-or choice for what types of games you’re allowed to like, you’re still a child.

    • Shogun

      You’re a one dimensional goof ball you know that? I stated before that if Nintendo floats your boat and you’re a fanboy then you’ll buy this thing and may God love you for it.
      My point is that from a marketing standpoint, compared to its competitors out there, this is an OVERPRICED, UNDERSPECED system that few can probably justify.
      Wouldn’t be in the least surprised to see a price cut on this like the 3DS to bolster sales going forward.

    • A ball by definition is 3 dimensional.

    • Shogun

      I see Happy/Comedy Hour is starting early today. lmfao! We’ve made our points on this topic. Enjoy the rest of your day.

    • Rev0lver

      Get back on your meds.

  • Smanny

    Nintendo has lost some of its lackluster over the past few years. Personally I still love console gaming, and will probably get this new Nintendo Switch. But with that said, I think it’s too much money for a console that is running with a Nvidia ARM processor, with 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. Not to mention it’s low resolution 1280×720 display.

    I can buy a smartphone (phablet) with higher resolution display, more storage, LTE, for around the $250 mark. Sure this Switch has controllers and a dock, but for $399. If anything Nintendo needs to lower the price. If Nintendo could add in the future the ability to plug in a VR headset, especially since it has a USB-C port, then it would make that price a little easier to swallow. In any case it’s about the games and the gaming experience.

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  • Mr Clown

    Arguing over price is moot anyway. Nintendo will undersupply to ‘create a buzz’ like they usually do and you won’t see one in the stores until like Oct 2017.

    But as several have pointed out, the price is stupid. With another controller/dock you’re looking at over 600 bucks. At that point go buy a PS4 and and Xbox instead.

    Sad, I used to love nintendo, but for whatever reason they refuse to evolve. 32 GB storage, jeebus.

    • Why do you need a second dock? And it comes with two controllers.

    • Shogun

      Uh, really only one controller despite the fact it comes in two pieces. He’s right. The cost is about $80 more with an additional controller and for two players that’s relevant.

    • Both halves function as complete controller. Analog stick, 4 regular buttons, and 2 shoulder buttons each. Basically two Wiimotes. The only time you need both is for games that require double shoulder buttons or dual sticks.

    • Shogun

      Yes and therefore there is really only one controller because I’m sure more than a few games require dual sticks so it doesn’t in fact have two controllers and selling something with only half a controller would be ridiculous to begin with.

    • So you’re telling me that the PS4 and XB1 come with two controllers now, or even an option to split the controller into two for some games?

    • Shogun

      Is English your second language? Where did I say other consoles come with two controllers huh? Don’t try to deflect from the fact you need extra accessories to take full advantage of an overpriced Switch as it is already.
      Are you on the company payroll by any chance? You seem awfully perturbed by criticism of this piece of shjt.

    • What extra accessory do you need for it?

      And trust me, if I was on the payroll I’d have much better retorts.

    • Shogun

      Uh, you need the dock pal if you want to use this a console. That’s a $100 proposition right there and most will want an extra controller so tack on another $80. The other poster is right. This is a $600 unit and frankly that’s insane.

    • The dock is included. And every system requires a second controller, so that’s a silly point.

    • Shogun

      Yeah, and every other system out there has better specs and more game offerings. Like I said, Nintendo should focus on releasing content for other platforms and stop with the hardware nonsense because its going nowhere.

    • Rev0lver

      You could just run any company couldn’t you? Harvard business school?

    • monsterduc1000

      Double douche

    • Rev0lver

      Still insulting people….

    • monsterduc1000


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  • Shogun

    What’s wrong with you MS bozos seriously? As soon as a spirited debate starts on a forum here between two posters you come in and gas it. Pretty sad.
    If you don’t care for anything more than a few obligatory posts on a forum then why bother with a message board at all?