Sphero’s Force Band and special edition BB-8 now available

Sphero’s special edition BB-8 droid and Force Band are now available in Canada.

The new special edition droid has an intentionally worn appearance, while the band allows users to control “The Force” in order to push BB-8 forward, pull it backwards and spin its blue light directional with a twist of the wrist.

The band also introduces a new Force Awareness mode where the wearable vibrates every few minutes to alert the wearer of digital ‘Holocrons’ that they can catch by waving their arm in the air — an activity somewhat reminiscent of Pokemon Go.

The droid and band together are available for $249.99 CAD from Best Buy Canada (both in-store and online), while the band alone is available for $99.99.

The original Sphero BB-8 droid was debuted in October 2015.

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