Microsoft wants more developers to create HoloLens experiences


Microsoft’s HoloLens augmented reality headset is likely a few years away from commercial release, but that hasn’t stopped the company from encouraging developers to start working on future content for the platform.

With this goal in mind, Microsoft has released a new video designed to help engineers and designers gain a greater understanding of how the experimental headset actually works, giving content creators a look at what Microsoft calls “mixed reality.”

In the video, Microsoft discusses how HoloLens wearers are able to to use apps, software and tools, while still walking around the physical world, interacting with people around them.

Microsoft says that HoloLens supports Microsoft Visual Studio, C#, and Unity development software platforms.

While the technology powering HoloLens is fascinating, early impressions of the device have been less than positive. HoloLens’ current build features a small viewfield, forcing the wearer to look at augmented reality content directly in the middle of the headset’s display. While it’s still unclear, Microsoft has stated in various interviews that issues like this will be solved with future HoloLens iterations.

In many ways, HoloLens is exactly where Oculus was three years ago when it first launched on Kickstarter. The technology is still unproven, but has a significant amount of potential.

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