Google reportedly mulling Songza acquisition


  • Jonah Emery

    What Google may be missing is the passion behind music. To have a great service you just can’t offer all the songs, you have to be invested and want to provide a great experience.

  • beyond

    while your at it Google, why not change your name to Gobble, suits you better

  • traceamar

    Interesting how the picture in the news article is of a Windows Phone… lol

  • Ryan Laker

    I wish Apple would scoop up Songza and integrate it. I use Songza all the time when I am running/biking or when I have friends over. The curated playlists are fantastic.

    That being said I am really liking Google music but the one thing it’s missing is curated playlists and acquiring Songza would solve that problem.

    • HalfBlackCanuck

      Isn’t that why Apple bought Beats (the way it selects playlists and such)?

    • Ryan Laker

      That’s what I am hoping.

  • purdy44

    I really like my All Access subscription, but what would make me LOVE the service is if it had curated playlists.

  • Columbo

    Google might get Songza (which is used by almost everyone I know) for $15 million, Apple buys Beats (which is used by almost no one I know) for $3 billion. LOL Apple.

    • alphs22

      Because the world revolves around people you know.

      Beats generated $1.5B in revenue last year. How much did Songza pull in?

    • jeremynsl

      I believe I read that Beats Music (the streaming area of their business) was only valued at $200 million. Seems like that was valued relatively fairly. What I can’t really fathom is why Apple paid an additional $3B for their headphone business?

    • alphs22

      Well since they were a private company we don’t have access to their balance sheets. However their revenue for 2013 was estimated at $1.5B, for a company of only 700 employees.

      I’m guessing Apple would make back its money in a few years, while gaining the team behind Beats Music and get the cool factor (Dre) on their side. Meanwhile Dre and Iovine cash out nicely.

  • NLer in Ottawa

    No! I use all things Google, but they don’t need to own everything. I hate that as soon as something becomes popular, Google either buys them or copies and buries them. Dammit.

    • HalfBlackCanuck

      I agree with this. It’s a giant arms race between Apple, Google and Microsoft to keep nice software or technology out of the others hands as much as possible. Every other day someone has bought a search engine or a mapping software and now all of these music tools…

    • 5Gs

      Can’t blame them. If some one is willing to be sold with the price they pay. It’s their choice

    • MisterChew

      Well, you can’t blame these giant corporations entirely. No one is pointing a gun at these smaller business ventures and forcing them to sell. Fact is they want to be bought up, so they can use the money for another start-up.

  • alphs22

    $15M sounds like a bargain for a popular app.

  • Acitta

    I tried Songza and hated it. I discovered Deezer, and love it. Google Music was too late since i was already subscribed to Deezer.

  • HelloCDN

    That seems to be a bit low… Yahoo paid over $30 million for an app that hasn’t made a single dollar.