VSCO Cam now available for Android

One of the best third-party camera apps for iPhone, VSCO Cam, is coming to Android tomorrow.

Promised way back in the heady days of summer, VSCO is both a camera app and a community of photo lovers, focused on adding filters that don’t degrade the overall quality of the photos.

Available for “most” Android 4.0+ devices, the app should allow for basic point-and-shoot-and-filter capabilities, but those looking for something a bit more involved will find their needs met with VSCO Cam as well.

The app promises to “achieve results previously unattainable on Android devices,” and will be available for free with 10 filters included; additional presets and tools, will be sold as in-app purchases.

Perhaps more interesting is the addition of VSCO Grid, a “minimalist publishing platform” that offers users the chance to curate a set of their best mobile photos for all to see. Think 500px, but specifically for mobile.

In addition to an upcoming camera API from Google itself, Android is inviting quite a few excellent third-party camera apps recently, including SmugMug’s Camera Awesome and the unique Camera 2.

Update: VSCO Cam is now available for Android devices. Go and get it!

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