CWTA: Canadians love for text messaging is declining

Texting, according to the latest CWTA chart, is declining.

The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association has once again released some numbers that show texting habits of Canadians. For the three months ending September 2013, Canadians took to their mobile devices to send over 23 billion text messages, which is approximately 250 million messages per day. The number of MMS messages in Q3 was 316 million.


As you can see by the chart number of text messages sent by Canadians is slowly declining. The CWTA tracks “regular phone-to-phone texts” from CWTA carrier members and not third-party services like BBM, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, iMessage or Google Hangouts; many of these services are likely eating into the market for traditional SMS.

Canadians sent 96.5 billion text messages in 2012. The specific numbers for Q1 2013 were 24 billion, and Q2 2013 reached 23.5 billion — this brings the total texts sent in 2013 to 70.5 billion. Estimating that the Q4 busy period matches last year at 25 billion texts sent, we could see the numbers slightly dip to 95.5 billion.

We reached out to the CWTA and they gave us these exact text message totals for 2013:

  • Q1 2013: 24,090,561,961
  • Q2 2013: 23,655,707,096
  • Q3 2013: 23,069,286,907

Source: CWTA (PDF)