Tweedle 2.0 for Android pairs simplicity with customization for a great Twitter experience

We’ve heard it all before: the third-party Twitter ecosystem is dying. The newly-public company has severely limited the number of tokens, issued when a user signs onto a client for the first time, a developer has access to, limiting potential growth of any client that uses the Twitter API. We’ve seen popular apps like Falcon Pro, Rowi and Tweetro hit those token limits, and those developers have since moved on to other projects as a result.

But there are outliers: Tweetbot 3 for iPhone recently launched to acclaim and profit, reaching the top of the Paid App charts on the App Store. And on the other end of the spectrum, Daniel Huckaby, developer of Tweedle for Android, has returned with version 2.0 of the relatively unknown Twitter client.

Claiming to have rewritten the entire app from scratch, Tweedle 2.0 has adopted Google’s Cards design, furnishing the app with a simple, flat design that has a surprising amount of depth. Though the app doesn’t support push notifications, it sports separate update toggles for the timeline, mentions and messages, with extremely granular adjustments based on individual preference. And, Plume and Tweetbot, Tweedle plugs into Twitter’s Streaming service when connected over WiFi, which uses more battery but facilitates push notifications in exchange for a constant, energy-sucking connection to API.

By default, the homescreen has three tabs: Timeline, Mentions, Messages, maintaining a clean first impression. If desired, however, one can add Favourites, Trends, Search items and Lists, which scrolling horizontally (much like the early beta UI for Twitter’s official Android app).

Huckaby has also included an easy-to-use, but potentially powerful, theme generator, which comes with several Google Play-coloured options, with the choice of creating others using a straightforward workflow. One can customize everything from the Action Bar to the Card backgrounds themselves, using either a colour picker or hash code. For many avid Android fans, it’s features like these that keep users entrenched in (and excited about) the ecosystem.

Tweedle 2.0 is free with ads, which cost around $1.50 CDN to remove as an in-app purchase.

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