Motorola begins selling unlocked Moto G in the US with AWS support

Don’t be mad, but I have some disturbing news: Canadians are getting screwed out of one of the best smartphone deals today.

The newly-refocused Google-owned OEM announced the Moto G earlier this month, and the unassuming Android smartphone has quickly become the low-cost handset to beat. In fact, Canada was one of the earliest markets to sell the device, as Telus and its subsidiary brand, Koodo, brought it to store shelves last week.

But the TELUS version is somewhat limited; it only has 8GB of internal storage, and comes locked to the carrier from which it was purchased. And that model costs $200+tax.

Starting today, however, Americans have the option to purchase an unlocked version of the Moto G in two flavours: $179 for the 8GB model or $199 for the 16GB model. And within those two storage options, there are two frequency choices: a global GSM version or a U.S. GSM version.

The latter supports 850/AWS/1900Mhz, which means that it will work on every network in Canada, including WIND Mobile, Videotron and Mobilicity. Unfortunately, Motorola won’t ship said model (or any of them, in fact) to a Canadian address, so now might be the time to make a friend south of the border. If you do manage to figure it out, shipments begin on December 2nd.

So close, yet so far.