Inventory system shows iPhone 5 accessories hitting stores on September 21st


  • eak47

    Crappy The Source POS lulz…

    Welcome back to the 80s

  • Reterp


    • some guy

      Hey smrt guy.
      Have you ever used a GUI based POS system? I’ll take the fugly DOS looking system any day over those flashy POS POS systems.

      Function over fashion my friend. At least when the old POS systems go down, you smack it with a hammer and it works. The new ones cause you to wait for 3 hours as some d**k bag from the support company decides to finally wander in to fix your s**t.

      Yes, yes I am angry/bitter.


  • Wes

    not touching this with a ten foot pole. pouring a bucket of worms on apple…

  • Vengefulspirit99

    ISHDZ – incredibly shitty hardware demanding zombies

    • some guy

      C’mon people, that’s good!
      Also true.

      Now go forth and eat your iBrains!

  • Porilaisten

    It’s the old radioshack POS, POS

  • superfly

    Can’t wait…….the 12th is the death of the iPhone and the 21st it’s the actual funeral. Gotta make sure my best black clothing is washed and ironed.

  • jonny

    I dislike the iPhone, and I detest the way Apple does business. But I dont want them to go away completly. I do kind of hope their launch is a bit lackluster, to put them in their places. But there is definitely a place in the market for them, and for RIM, if RIM an come out with an OS people like. Competition is good.

  • Jon

    This is from the Source. I used to work for them

  • TheMan

    I work for Source… IMO the POS is functional and quick compared to other retailers.

    • Blah

      Really all the negativity on the POS at the source… What about each and everyone of you take the time and try and learn it. It is a good system. And why take the time to bash a company system when it works!!! Get a life people!!!!

  • Wiz

    LOL, I used to work at the SourcebyCircuit City. I know this damn POS screen

  • LeafsFan77

    The whole “Double down on security” is really working for Apple.

  • som


    • some guy

      I feel you should elaborate.
      Are these feelings negative? Positive?

      Are these feelings directed at the above image? Or perhaps directed towards your deep seeded emotional trauma caused after that night in Amsterdam with the pre-op Bulgarian transvestite and Irish Wolfhound?

      Please, do elaborate. I look forward to your gems of wisdom each day.

  • BB

    This isn’t even news, but I guess with all the goolge/android stuff the writers are reporting they got to squeeze in a little time for apple! We know they are going to launch a new phone soon….its just not magical anymore…taking functions that already exist and repackaging!

  • BB

    broken glass everywhere, wave you broken iphone like you just don’t care!!!!

    • some guy

      HEEyyyyy, HOOoooooo, HEEyyyyy, HOOooooo.

  • MattyMattMatt

    I like how a third of the comments are about our POS… it works, they just need to listen to our recommendations for it more. This style of POS is better than the GUI heavy fancy looking s**t as it can run on older hardware no problem.

  • MattyMattMatt

    The tipster should know this… but we have a lot of iphone 5 items listed, but most of them have an eta of early september… The ETA is just some monkey hitting numbers.

  • Matt p

    lol the source. awesome pos once you know how to use it

  • Pat

    The adaptor cable will be the money maker…